Harmonix Talks Guitar Hero, New Music Franchise

Following last week's news that Tony Hawk franchise developer Neversoft had posted job openings for the Guitar Hero franchise on its own website, Harmonix producer Daniel Sussman has confirmed that the now MTV-owned Cambridge, MA studio has moved on, and is in the midst of creating a new music game.

Sussman, one of the key figures behind the creation of the Guitar Hero franchise for now Activision-owned publisher RedOctane, has told Gamasutra, "Here's the official line: Harmonix can confirm that we are not developing Guitar Hero 3" - these duties presumably being carried out by Neversoft.

He added specifically: "We are instead working on a different music game project, one that is a bigger and more ambitious endeavor than we felt we could pursue within the bounds of the Guitar Hero franchise." Further specific details on exact subject and publisher for the game are not being released at this time.

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Siesser5219d ago

Drum Hero. Drum Hero. Please let it be a Drum Hero. Or, if they were smart, a version that let you play drums and guitar with a friend. And given the popularity that karaoke have, you could have an entire band of gamers . . .