Bungie No Longer Planning Updates for Destiny as Destiny 2 Gears Up for Launch

The Age of Triumph ends Destiny's era.

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Sureshot505d ago

Super excited for this!! Probably the most hyped I've been for a Bungie game ever. This coming from a HUGE Halo fanatic!

Jakens505d ago

The price is justified only by the number of hours of fun to be had.

In other words, I'm excited too.

phallusitator505d ago

I thought they were going to support the game for 10 years.

Jmanzare505d ago

Basically there will be no more new content but you can continue playing online with different rotating weekly activities

Summons75505d ago

They are going to support the IP/FRANCHISE for 10 years. They never once specifically said that one single game for 10 years, that would be insane and you would be crying in a year or two how "it's too old, so outdated, graphics are so PS2, why don't they do a sequel."

Forn505d ago (Edited 505d ago )

The new game looks exactly like the one people already have and it's been two years, so... People already are and have every right to complain about that.

fenome505d ago

I believe the ten year plan they were talking about was supposed to be spread out through three games in the series.

Forn505d ago (Edited 505d ago )

4 at this rate. And what new games? The "new game" is simply a glorified expansion that Bungie/Activision is charging $60 for.

conanlifts505d ago

Thats how i remember it too.
@Forn how is it any more of an expansion than COD, Halo, or pretty much any other sequel?

Godmars290505d ago

Probably more like the franchise than a single release, which couldn't possibly have had that kind of longevity.

Long running TVs shows reinvent themselves every 2-3 years if not sooner. Who honestly expected a game to last the length of what console generations have?

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NecoTehSergal505d ago

What's the point of a short-lived MMO-like game that will Die, your progress and character will be irrelevant? MMO's are meant to 'try' to last 5-10-15+ years, as long as profitable. This? It gets 3 years and then they drop it and move on to the next game, and then the 3rd game 3 years after and until the contract is over.

What's the point when MMO's are made with the hope to survive until content and profit dies, but we know Destiny as a whole, and a series, is deliberately limited, and we KNOW will simply DIE OFF whether you're done or not? Why not just watch someone else play it in some kind of Movie-format? Cause it's certainly a waste of time.

Godmars290505d ago

When did this game look anything like an MMO?

If Destiny had been an honest MMO there just wouldn't be the one city. The one friendly one on Earth as you explore the rest of the solar system.

NecoTehSergal504d ago (Edited 504d ago )

LOOK? It simply IS. Just because it's not the same genre and aesthetic as World of Warcraft does not make it any less of an MMO..... If you see the acronym "MMO" and you somehow think Destiny is NOT that? Then you're simply wrong. A reminder is that MMO stands for Massive Multiplayer Online, usually defined that in order to become an MMO, you need to have a huge server that synchronizes many many people in a single world or area - rather than a Lobby or Server like Battlefield servers vs Destiny, Destiny? You log into an existing world full of strangers of various levels and equipments, there's guilds and Raids and loot to be found in quests that involve adventuring around the areas - it's a fucking MMO. Just because it's in First-person, does not make it NOT an MMO.

As for Destiny only having One city? Well, I'd not think that deters it from being an MMO, yes, typically MMO's have various cities in a Final Fantasy-like development. However, we all should know that Destiny was, more or less rushed out the gates, with many many things being removed or changed for what felt like the last second, with the bizarre nature of 'story telling through cards' and many things felt like they had gotten removed randomly or abruptly, mysteriously. Destiny as a series is on a budget, so it having a few flaws in an "True MMO" fashion, such as A single town? Is both a downfall, but also because it was a design choice.

It having '1 Hub/Town' does not make it any less of an MMO tho. Bungie themselves try to refer it as 'Not an MMO but it's super similar' is stupid as well, (As I google to look what others have said in the past). Bungie trying to go all hip and claim its totally not an MMO, cuz Destiny is just a mix of many things, ain't really a good reason, especially since they apparently 'leave it up for debate').

mogwaii505d ago

Wasnt this the game they said theyd support for ten years?! LMAO man that cracked me up when i first read it.

Cy505d ago


MagicBeanz505d ago

Hows the Destiny hate going?

Cy504d ago

Pretty good, thanks for asking :)

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