A Dreamcast emulator is coming to Xbox One soon

It will be called WinDCe10 and can be played from dev mode.

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AngelicIceDiamond555d ago

I hope Sega won't take it down.

4Sh0w555d ago (Edited 555d ago )

This would be know I'm not necessarily the nostalgic type, mostly want to play new stuff but BC, Game Pass and possibly this Dreamcast emulator if true are great features that increase the versatility of X1, I really like seeing the platform evolve.

You know this reminds me about something I was thinking about last night...serious question: What would it take or what's stopping Microsoft from making games that have only been developed for pc run on Scorpio?, obviously depending on the game at med, high, or ultra settings? I already know they are working on a streaming option but just wondering if through the Scorpio hardware itself is possible???

demonddel554d ago

Deep down I think you do

Phill-Spencer554d ago


this would really make scorpio worth buying. I don't know if the publishers have to agree first, but if ms could make pc games run on scorpio without modifying the game itself but let's say ms only having to release an update for the scorpio which enables the game running on the machine, the publishers/ devs probably will allow because they will have a larger potential userbase without having the effort porting a game to a console.

Imo having Games like quake champions as scorpio console exclusives would be big.

BeOpenMinded554d ago

Didn't the nintendo one get blacklisted as well?

krypt1983554d ago

i still have nes ps1 snes emulators so if he does it right all will be fine...

babadivad554d ago

There are some decent DC emulators on PC[not as great as PS emulators]. But this would be friggin awesome. Especially if it can stay up this time.

554d ago
4Sh0w554d ago (Edited 554d ago )

"they will have a larger potential userbase without having the effort porting a game to a console."

- Exactly, I mean if Microsoft can just get pc games to work with Scorpio through some type of "magic" that requires nothing extra on the part of devs themselves that would be downright PHENOMENAL. Let's say if the Scorpio just recognizes any pc game and auto adjusts game output (res/fps) that works best on Scorpio. Like I said before they are already working on streaming pc games to X1.

btw, I really don't even think there is any legal ramifications since pc devs are already making their games for a OPEN PLATFORM= pc, pc devs position by default is if your hardware can play it, you like the game, then please buy it. I mean they don't control how you play it, they just want their cut from software sales.

rainslacker554d ago (Edited 554d ago )


If you're talking about the games they developed and potentially published but didn't develop, then there may not be much stopping them.

If you're talking about any game, then they have no rights to release other people's games, but I don't think that's what you're referring to.

But, there are licensing considerations when it comes to the media that is used within some games. Namely music, which is often a problem in these kinds of things. Often times, the music(or some other media in some cases), doesn't actually belong to the publisher or developer, and because of this, when that content is licensed, it is typically in the contract that it can only be released in certain places. In this case, console release my be explicitely prohibited, as that would mean the licensing cost would be more....which publishers would have to pay to eventually release on console. Sometimes that isn't possible, or the cost becomes prohibitive, or any other such nonsense that goes on with licensing.

This isn't always the case of course, as some devs/pubs do indeed contract their own work which they do end up owning, but a single licensed song could become a big issue in the long term for ports.

Anyhow, it would be up to the individual devs/pubs to actually take care of this. MS can promote it of course, maybe even pay for it in some cases, but beyond that, there is nothing stopping it, nor nothing making it mandatory.

Actual porting is generally not that big of a deal in any case. But despite popular belief, there is a lot that goes into porting games that go beyond the actual programming of the game itself.

In a broader sense, since I've seen the argument made before by others, and it is off topic from your comment, it's not like every game that runs on PC can now just run on Xbox. Licensing deals again, as well as there may be console exclusive licensing deals which prohibit it.

4Sh0w554d ago (Edited 554d ago )

"there are licensing considerations when it comes to the media that is used within some games"

-Yeah I hear you, sounds about right but still I'd sure like to see the written document to block a console, I assume, that license assumed it kisy wouldn't play on a console, PLUS I just dont see muscians being too upset, when in reality their music is already out thete, if anything tgat increases recognition, as for devs its just another chance to get PAID and therefore since really a pc game is just intended to play on any capable pc, what's the difference if Scorpio mimics a pc?

It's just wishful thinking at this point but honestly I think they are headed in that direction and that would be a megaton breakthrough for Xbox>>>>if it happens somewhere down the line.

Anyway you might be right, I'm just thinking out loud.

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XanderZane554d ago

I hope Microsoft makes a deal with SEGA to use the emulator and sell SEGA games that support the emulator. That would be awesome.

VforVideogames554d ago

rroooollliiiinnngg stttaaarrrttt!!!!

chris235554d ago

hasn't sega throughout the past years already brought pretty much every game in their library to other systems?

babadivad554d ago (Edited 554d ago )

So much time spent on that game. That and *embarrassingly* Space Channel 5. . .

Save me Ulala!!

T1125P554d ago

I loved Power Stone 1 & 2, so much fun ^_^

XanderZane554d ago

Yes, Power Stone 1 & 2 were a lot of fun. I still own those games. Also still have Shenmue, Phantasy Star Online, Seaman, Chu Chu Rockets, NFL 2K, illBleed & Ready 2 Rumble 1 & 2.

Sam Fisher554d ago

Omfg i miss power stone, champion of group fighting games

Scatpants554d ago

After the success of Smash Bros. it's beyond me why they haven't made a sequel yet. It has the makings of a hit party game

Channel-Live554d ago

Power Stone, Shenmue, and Ready 2 Rumble

LordJamar554d ago

power stone with online play....................drolls

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Number_9555d ago

Will last all of 10 minutes before it's taken down

Raiden554d ago

Unless MS actually announces it at E3, but I just became a very happy gamer if true, DC games rocked crazy taxi power stone 💎 Sega rally virtual cop and many Sega titles, but what if MS has just purchased Sega, that would be crazy, a top developer like them, but that wishful thinking ISN'T IT lol🤣

ILostMyMind554d ago

Hmm ... Buying company and paying for exclusivity was not something negative for Xbox's users.

Channel-Live554d ago

IvanSF, they did with MineCraft and it's worked out well for them so I have no idea what you're referring to

Cueil554d ago

no... you'll just have to use Dev Mode to use it... this is a back door for any UWP app including all the emulators

rainslacker554d ago

They can still block stuff through dev mode. Typically things like this are why certain features are removed, because if back doors are used, then the companies involved have to make sure that they aren't held legally culpable for promoting illegal activity, and they, as well as the company that owns the system that is being emulated, wants their interest protected.

For the most part, the console makers are all on the same mind set on this, and little legal action needs to happen, as none of them want to be in that situation in the future.

Cueil554d ago

@rainslacker naw at worst you'll need to compile it yourself and load it.... even then I doubt they can do anything about this also Dev Mode isn't for the feint of heart

HaikusfromBuddha554d ago

You can still play the SnesBox emulator on the Xbox. Just search for it, you'll find an article how.

Number_9553d ago

I play SnesBox on the browser. It's fantastic

jirkawaggon552d ago

MS mether other company cannot stop this emulators :-)
But please support creators

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DigitalRaptor554d ago

Would be amazing... if it's not guaranteed to be taken down.

ccgr554d ago

I doubt it will last a day

jrshankill553d ago


Follow the developer's blog and you will know the minute it goes up. Once you pay it's yours forever.

Love me some NES on Xbox One and I'll be moving me some Shenmie 1 and 2 once this gets released.

554d ago