Blu-ray: HD DVD Can't Prevail Without Studio Support

For the Blu-ray camp, it's all about content. At their CES press conference, they brought out studio heads to discuss the 2007 lineup of Blu-ray movies and tout the content they already have.

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Hey Zeus5220d ago

So nobody cares what the hell HD-DVD does lol hahahahahahahahaahaaha!

scriptkiddie5220d ago

What does blu-ray and HD-DVD have to do with gamming?

Spent $600 for a blu-ray player and now all we have to talk about is blu-ray. Playstyation used to be about games. now the only news we hear about is blu-ray

Syko5220d ago (Edited 5220d ago )

Thank you...I am so sick of these Idiots posting about Blu-Ray because there is no good news for the PS3. NEWSFLASH- Both formats will fail because DVD is good enough for the average wal-mart consumer! You FONY's are ridiculous I bought a Next Gen gaming machine not a god damn movie player. Hell I am glad my Wii dosen't play dvd's because I don't want my drive burning out ala PS2!!! I already have 6 dvd players why would I need another one, I can't wait till these cheap ass drives burn out too. POO-RAY FTW!!

These cats don't seem to relize that even if Blu-Ray wins it will have little to no effect on PS3 sales this gen, Because by that time a stand alone player would be much cheaper than a PS3 and the PS4 would most likely be around the corner. This would be good for sony but I doubt the PS3 can stand it's ground against the assault MS is about to lay down with Price cuts and AAA titles coming hot and heavy.

Sorry but this won't save your beloved console..SO QUIT POSTING THIS CRAP!! Please nobody cares about HD-DVD or Blu-Ray right now. Unless it is an interesting read, but given the Fony's reading level they don't know the difference!

calderra5219d ago

Don't forget:
-On-demand cable
-On-demand satellite
-Online downloads for movies (a la Xbox Live)
-Hybrid players (announced at just over $1,000 they're n more expensive than top-end BluRay players at the moment)

And if consumers really are buying more BluRay, I'm very sad for them.
-HD-DVD is significantly cheaper.
-HD-DVD still delivers better audio and video in side-by-side comparisons. (or it did by the last actual reviews I can find- it's hard to find an article talking about the movies and not the hardware)
-And HD-DVD has porn. (heh)

Ah-well. I'll keep to my SDTV and DVDs. Just like ~805 of consumers.

xbox360migs5220d ago

There is another side to this article from the HD DVD perspective and it is titled "HD DVD: Blu-ray Camp Spreads Lies, Misinformation" check it out! + I thought universal were only supporting HD DVD?. anyway, I'm not going to be forced by any company to have to pay more for blu-ray when I can have HD DVD cheaper now for less and it does the same thing. The PS£ is a blu-ray trojan horse. P.S I have the HD DVD add on and it rocks! If everyone buys the cheaper standalone HD DVD drives (non gamers) then the studios will have to follow.

power of Green 5220d ago

VHS could not Prevail with out Studio Support, one more thing: Studio's can not Prevail with out consumer Support nevermind what the Studio's are saying because of the huge investment they made in BR based off of Sony's theory of domination because of the poorly selling PS3.

Boink5220d ago

and consumers are responding by closing their wallets.

had sony and toshiba come up with a unified format, they would both be flourishing already. Now they are a useless blip before digital distribution takes over by 2010.

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