Phantom Dust Remaster Developers Code Mystics Want to Know Which Xbox Game to Remaster Next

Code Mystics who just released Phantom Dust HD for Xbox One want to know which game from the original Xbox fans want to see remastered.

GtR35olution2515d ago

They could just make a new game from scratch

freshslicepizza2515d ago

I think one again you are in the wrong topic

LexHazard792514d ago

After E3 these guys wont have much to say! 😂

Godmars2902514d ago (Edited 2514d ago )

Given the age of the game would think they'd have to make a whole new game based on the premise.

"After E3 these guys wont have much to say!"

Why is that?

How many times has MS made a claim, shown off a trailer for a new game, and that hasn't lead to *YEARS* of arguing? Crackdown 3 was suppose to show what XB1 and cloud distribution could do yet now its more a Scorpio title.

Really, MS needs to stop announcing that they're going to "reinvent gaming" and just make freaking games!

JasonKCK2514d ago

Godmars290 Why are you even here? Why do you spend so much time in Xbox news?

Is it fear?

mwjw6962513d ago Show
TheCommentator2513d ago

GT and Godmars, quit coming into these threads and hijacking them. This is not about new games. New games will be shown at E3, which is what Lex is talking about.

GT, you should follow Godmars, admit that you're being stupid and move on.

On topic, my pick is Mech Assault.

URNightmare2513d ago

The Remaster-backwards-One!

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SCW19822515d ago

I really don't like you moldy but I have to completely agree on this one.

gangsta_red2514d ago

I keep seeing a request for another Crimson Skies or anything related. This should be the next game but then I saw this pic on their twitter....


Sorry, but that is America AF! So I'm going to vote for Metal Wolf Chaos!

Godmars2902514d ago (Edited 2514d ago )

"America AF"?

Fromsoft made it. A Japanese company?

Patriot4Life2514d ago

Godmars he is taking about the box art which has lots of big guns, huge robots and an American flag....only thing missing is Trump holding a burger.

gangsta_red2513d ago


It's refreshing when someone gets it...


Godmars2902513d ago (Edited 2513d ago )

You were asking for a game. Not cover art...

gangsta_red2512d ago

Godmars...it's not enough to read you have to also comprehend, the two go hand in hand.

Now, are we going to go back and forth with you making excuses or is this done because there's no point?

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darthv722514d ago

Crimson skies is an easy pick and one that has been asked for over and over which makes it almost a given. So.... I'm going for one that is rather obscure..... Malice.

What started out as the game to show off the og xbox then became a multiplat game instead. So a remaster that is done to the style of the xb1 would be really sweet to have.

Bigpappy2514d ago (Edited 2514d ago )

Suduki and Morrowind

Aenea2514d ago

"I think one again you are in the wrong topic"

Says the guy who doesn't own an Xbox One....

Chris122514d ago

Says the guy that trolls every Xbox article....

Aenea2514d ago


If you think I'm trolling in Xbox articles than 95% of every poster in every article is trolling! 😂

JasonKCK2514d ago

That's because 95% of the people in Xbox news on N4G are Sony fans.

Aenea2514d ago


The reason for that is that 95% of all console users are PS4 owners...

Ehh, wait a minute, that's not true, is it? Or are you saying that many Xbox owners are illiterate? 😜


JasonKCK2514d ago

I'm saying most Sony fans are trolls that fear anything Xbox.

Low punch.

Aenea2514d ago


And apparently 95% of Xbox owners have no sense of humour! 😜

Well, that's probably what you get when you have no gam.... nah, too easy! 😀

JasonKCK2513d ago

Thank you for proving my point.

Aenea2513d ago


sourpuss, smile a little! do something fun!

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IamTylerDurden12514d ago (Edited 2514d ago )

Remaster? Was it really a remaster? Blue Point does remasters, this was more of a port, no?