If a Game Is Too Tough to Win, Can It Still Be Fun?

Japanese developer Treasure makes hard games. They're so difficult that many players don't last more than 10 seconds in the barrage of bullets and missiles in some of the levels of the company's newest shooter, Bangai-O Spirits, a game about a pair of young pilots controlling an armored robot.

As the audience for videogames grows, some developers worry that games are getting too easy. Games usually go through months of testing to iron out difficulties. But now a number of developers, such as Treasure and Capcom, are taking extra steps to toughen up their titles.

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DavidMacDougall3697d ago

Stuntman is a perfect example .It took years off my life playing that game yet i still own it and always will because its a classic and was the hardest game iv ever played

danarc3697d ago

That is one of my all-time favourite games :D

Do you know if the new Stuntman is as good as that one?

Capt CHAOS3697d ago

Enjoyed XIII but never beat it (is that what is was called?)

Rockstar3697d ago

depends on the game really.

Some games just seem like too much of a chore to beat (looking at you Ninja Gaiden Sigma)

modestradio3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

I'm playing the first Maga Man right now and Im getting my ass kicked but i'm still having a great time

I always feel really good when I beat a boss or something that I've been having trouble with, it usually means I run around my house pounding my chest or something