Metal Gear series total sales have exceeded 51.3 million copies

MGI: "It’s been a while, but we finally have some updated total lifetime sales for the Metal Gear series. As of the end of March 2017, the worldwide cumulative sales have now exceeded 51.3 million copies."

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naruga598d ago (Edited 598d ago )

however the series is dead for good Kojima was its creator and the last good and proper MGS being MGS4 , someone can tell that original games have now collective value even if Konami decides to rerelease all of them ....i would like to see from Kojima a new tactical game with new characters compeltely irrelevant from MGS , his new game hasnt convince completely with its ambigoous concept

super_cuddles598d ago

This is really really low number, such disappointment, no wonder hojima got da bewt

pietro1212598d ago

For a Japanese franchise that isn't Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Mario, and Gran Turismo that isn't too bad.

super_cuddles598d ago

You may as well list every game ever made and say, well it ain't so bad I guess

theshredded598d ago

Is that jacket in the game? Feels like I missed a lot of stuff

pietro1212598d ago

That's good and all, but fuck Konami!

Muadiib598d ago

Lower than I expected, mind you the only one I liked was Ground Zeroes so what do I know?!

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