New Nintendo DS: games developers respond

How will DS devs incorporate the new camera and music playback into handheld gaming. TechRadar polls a number of devs to find out more...

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Calcio3696d ago

It's not what the DS has, it's what they do with it that counts...

zoydwheeler3696d ago

ie is it going to be something properly made use of in terms of gameplay (in which case, YAY!) or is it merely an MP3 /cheap camera tag on to provide more random features that gamers don't really want or need AS THEY HAVE IPODS AND BETTER CAMERAS ALREADY (in which case, BOOOOO!)

blueg3696d ago

And Nintendo won't fix it.

Just because I've had it two years. I hate them now. Well, a bit. Damn you Mario, I'll always love you.

Nintendo Rep3696d ago

We are sincerely sorry about your Nintendo DS but we are currently busy with top secret announcements and projects being announced at TGS. Stay attuned for more info.

PS: I also heard Microsoft has crazy shít going on too but who cares bout ol' MS.

Sony Rep3696d ago

This is a ploy to recapture Japan.

Not a bad thing.

Nintendo Rep3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

Course not, and we already control most of Japan, silly look at the stock market and NPD. Everyone who didn't buy a Wii or DS in the last year already has one! Don't tell me that we need to recapture something we already have, your comment has no affect on us anyways, you are tiny compared to us.

GamerscoreWhores3696d ago

Already has this stuff...

what's the point.

zoydwheeler3696d ago

What's the point in those, either?

Nintendo Rep3696d ago

I'm sorry but I cannot touch my PSP's screen with a pen and play games such as Trauma Center. But what's the point.

Wii60Fan3696d ago

Are probably just adding an mp3 player and a camera to compete against the psp which is more popular in Japan at the moment. I really dont see myself whipping out my ds in public at a say, Starbucks to hear music. I already have an Ipod touch for that.

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