HD DVD: Blu-ray Camp Spreads Lies, Misinformation

While LG and Warner Bros. were making headlines at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) for their solutions to possibly end the high-definition DVD format war, the Blu-ray and HD DVD camps were busy duking it out. sat down with representatives from both sides for in-depth interviews. Click here to read the Blu-ray side.

"It's all lies."

So said David Chaplin, manager of the HD DVD Mobile Experience, when they told him they had sat down with representatives from the Blu-ray camp at CES and wanted to get the HD DVD camp's perspective on the format war.

"There's nothing worse than misinformation," said Chaplin, arguing that support for Blu-ray isn't as rock-solid as the camp would have you believe.

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Marty83705219d ago

Blu-ray Sales/studio support is putting the nails in HD-DVD's

DJ5219d ago

Looks like the HD-DVD camp is getting very nervous with Blu-ray outselling them what, 3:1 now? 30~35% of PS3 owners are purchasing Blu-ray movies, so add that into 10~12 million PS3 owners by years end and things aren't looking good for HD-DVD.

CyberSentinel5219d ago

...just want something to use their $600 dollar movie system on. Since its NOT a game machine, they might as well buy the only thing thats available. Movies.

DJ5218d ago

Resistance and GT:HD on the PS3. Because it's NOT a game machine! Right. Right.

JIN KAZAMA5219d ago

HD-DVD is all butthurt huh. HAHA, face it people, Blu-Ray is the winner. The war is over, go out and buy a PS3, you're getting the best of both worlds. The Best videogames console, along with the best HD movie player. Also, the best price.

TheMART5219d ago

You're way, way off

Buying a PS3 you're getting half the experience of both worlds.

For gaming, the 360 is the best choice. Everyone knows it, reviewers say it. Best games, most games, most exclusives, best multiplatform versions... Plus a online service that no other platform can compete with

You're missing out on that if you buy a PS3. Furthermore, why would anyone wants to play movies in the player that need to load games?

You know the player's quality will decrease if the laser is used to often? See the PS2 drive problem... I'd rather play games on the internal drive and may use movies in an addon or even better have HD movie download and IPTV over the 360 without any use of a drive!

CyberSentinel5219d ago

...Sony wins the "movie format war" they will still lose the "video game system war" THIS generation.

Raist5219d ago

Good luck with the crappy download speed.
And good luck storing HD movies on a 20GB (sorry, i mean 13) hard drive.