Pocket Gamer goes hands on with Digital Legends' Kroll in an exclusive interview

Kroll is probably the most eagerly-awaited iPhone game right now, thanks to a starring appearance at this year's Apple WWDC conference during Steve Jobs' keynote speech.

This, despite the fact that what was shown was a 40-second trailer, with few hints about the actual gameplay. Actually, that fuelled the subsequent buzz around the game, as people speculated wildly about Kroll.

In the months since, developer Digital Legends has stayed mum, partly at the request of Apple, and partly because it's been working its socks off to finish the game. Which, by the way, it has. Kroll is due to go live on the App Store very soon.

Pocket Gamer met up with Digital Legends' Xavier Carillo Costa last week, who talked them through the game before handing his iPhone over so they could play it.

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