Breath of the Wild Helped Me Beat The Legend of Zelda’s Second Quest

My childhood friends thought the original The Legend of Zelda for the NES was easy: just gather the eight triforces and defeat Ganon. I had a hard time just finding the second labyrinth. I eventually learned that my trek through Hyrule at the age of seven was actually the Second Quest, a remixed journey with rearranged labyrinths and a much harder difficulty level. Because I’d typed in my user name as “Zelda,” a secret that unlocks the Second Quest, I never actually beat Zelda—until, 30 years later, I played Breath of the Wild.


The Winds of Time mod combines two Legend of Zelda classics

A Legend of Zelda fan has been modding various aspects of Ocarina of Time into The Wind Waker over the last few years. They recently gave a big update on the project and it looks great.

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Looking Ahead: A Possible Future for 3D Zelda

VGChartz's Mark Nielsen: "With Tears of the Kingdom being so recent and Nintendo’s next system likely coming soon, it’s safe to say we won’t be looking at another big Zelda launch title this around and it’ll likely be years before any ruminations of the next game start to surface, but in the meantime we can always speculate. Breath of the Wild changed things for the series by multiplying its popularity manyfold, so it would seem only logical that the franchise will continue along the path Breath of the Wild started, however a look at the series’ history shows it might not be as simple as that. So, let’s take a look at what the future of this legendary series might have in store for us, blending in equal parts qualified theorizing and wishful thinking."

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Zelda Could Introduce New Features By Bringing Back A Controversial Character

Screen Rant, "The return of one controversial character could have an incredible effect on The Legend of Zelda, prompting the introduction of new features."

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H9158d ago

Honestly I really changed my mind on Fi with the remaster because they didn't make her interrupt your gameplay every 5 seconds, that drastically changed my views on her

Inverno157d ago

Technically she's in ToTK but obviously can't take any other form than the sword she was made into. Also the companion feature has been done plenty of times in Zelda, I don't think it'll add anything new. If anything should be brought back it should be the Minish.