Rumor: New Life is Strange will be a prequel, some (alleged) pictures leaked

According to reports, the game will be a prequel developed by Deck Nine Games, although the team Dontnod should still be involved in the work.

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PlayableGamez-555d ago

I hope the prequel is about Rachel Ambers and she is the playable character.

DashArrivals555d ago

Good call. I bet that's exactly what it is. In fact I would bet money on it.
Holy crap, I just felt a burst of excitement

Lightning Mr Bubbles554d ago (Edited 554d ago )

Fuck man, I hope it's not true. A prequel? What's the point of back tracking a story we already know the ending to?

Although who knows, Life is Strange is a weird game, maybe a prequel can reveal things that change how we see the original game, maybe even set the premise for a possible sequel later on.

DashArrivals554d ago

Maybe Rachel could end up stopping her own death, and thus, changing the course of MAx's future story. The developers and writing can mess a lot of things around here.