PES 2009 demo out on October 2

Konami has today announced that a playable demo of PES 2009 is to be released for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on October 2, several weeks ahead of the game's October 17 retail release.

The demo will feature a full five minute exhibition match featuring Manchester United, Liverpool, Real Madrid, and Barcelona as playable club teams. The Italian and French national sides will also be available.

The demo will also include promotional videos detailing the the 'Become a Legend' and online 'Legends' modes.

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Fishy Fingers3671d ago


I hoping for a serious improvement over 2008.

robotnik3671d ago

yeah, no more lagging and crashing please.

running rampid3671d ago

sadly i won't have time to play two footy games so i gotta play the pes demo and see how it stacks up against fifa, and then buy the better game.

pp3671d ago

No thanks i'm after a next gen game so i'll choose FIFA 09

Sony Rep3671d ago

What a [email protected]

PP playing with his soccer game.

d2dahoopa3671d ago

PP you post some Dumb @ss things haha
go head play fifa son Pro is the true game, why is fifa trying to get their gameplay like pro's? because it has the best gameplay,, fifa just has the visuals

but ont he other hand i may buy the two, to cast my final vote on the two(even though i know that Pro will be the best) haha

FAQS3671d ago

A: Coming from a guy who really don't know what's next gen, no one is interested in your choices!...

d2dahoopa3671d ago

but the lag online was very very [email protected] if that goes the game should be unstoppable

oliveira3113671d ago

I was excited about Fifa for a change this year but I wasn't crazy about the demo. I enjoy the quickness of the players on PES...Looking forward to this...

sneekstream3671d ago

But please don't disappoint

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The story is too old to be commented.