Mike Ybarra Tweets Xbox One Scorpio Processor Pic

Vice President Mike Ybarra of Xbox recently tweeted a pic of Xbox One Scorpio’s processor. The Tweet in question shows the Xbox One Scorpio’s processor which is surprisingly tiny and can be lifted by two fingers. here is the picture of the processor in question.

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Obscure_Observer1375d ago

That´s beautiful! And has a "4K" printed on it! My guess is: for despite what some people here might say, Scorpio will manage to run most games at native 4K.

Only 10 days to go! Can´t wait!

TheCommentator1375d ago

Not sure why you're getting disagrees. MS stated that their design goals for Scorpio included giving developers the choice of running their XB1 games at native 4K. 1080p and 900p games. Developers can also choose not to run them that way too, instead opting for lower pixel density and better pixel quality instead.

Most games will be native 4K. Seems simple enough to me. Anyone care to explain why they disagree?

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GtR35olution1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

It would be nice if he tweeted out some exclusive video games for the xbox

TheCommentator1375d ago

GTR, it would be nice if you answered my question... or stayed on topic... or quit trolling... or just kept quiet if you had nothing relevant to add to the conversation. Thanks.

DarXyde1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

Well, technically, they were down voted, not disagreed with.

But you can also make the case that if they are disagreeing, they're disagreeing with Obscure_Observer stating that they "can't wait". As a matter of fact, they can wait... because they HAVE to. :0)

slate911375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

Well, technically, when I hit the "down vote" arrow, it tells me I disagreed with your comment.

GtR35olution1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

------"GTR, it would be nice if you answered my question... or stayed on topic... or quit trolling... or just kept quiet if you had nothing relevant to add to the conversation. Thanks."----

I guess a nerve was hit. I'm not "trolling" sir but actually being serious and asking why none of these Microsoft Xbox reps haven't talked about any exclusive games coming to Xbox. As a console owner who bought the system and has purchased the ps4 as well it's quite evident who caters more to a wide variety of gamers. Asking why Microsoft reps haven't released or talked about Xbox exclusive titles coming isn't "trolling". You as a fanat-x would think I'm being facetious when asking for games on a video game platform that is lacking of exclusive games

bluefox7551375d ago

Well, because if you're even vaguely familiar with 4k gaming on PC, you already know that 6 tflops, while adequate, isn't ideal for native 4k gaming, certainly not if you want 60fps as well. Or maybe they don't think it's beautiful? Or maybe they're not looking forward to it at all, in which the disagree would be in response to "Can't wait!". I know it bothers Xbox fans that many people don't care about Scorpio, but it shouldn't. Just play what you like, and don't worry if other people disagree with your excitement.

Malphite1375d ago

What do you mean by pixel quality?

4Sh0w1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

"pixel density and better pixel quality instead"

-That sounds like PR, a pixel is a pixel, I would just leave it at I think most games will be native 4K.

- Why would they show their hand now, that's what E3 is for, but you knew that you're just here trolling.

"I know it bothers Xbox fans that many people don't care about Scorpio, but it shouldn't."

-lol that's rich coming form a guy who lives and breathes Scorpio news, yes YOU care, you care alot, lol btw NewMonday is that you?

ziggurcat1375d ago

"instead opting for lower pixel density and better pixel quality instead."

a pixel is a pixel - there is no such thing as "better pixel quality."

"Most games will be native 4K."

are you sure about that?

Kingthrash3601375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

I didn't agree or disagree agree...
And I don't think it's just sony guys disagreeing. I think its just the over hyping of this whole thing.
Everone knows scorpio will have 4k it native, upscaled, or sparse rendered. But it's been a full on year of only talking about this. Minimal talk of games. Seeing this chip, same chip seem with DF video is old news.
All this talk about 4k, 6tf and the like is very much so played out. It's a win for xbox...but in no way should it be overshadowing actual games. This E3 looks to be a repeat of last year's E3
New xbox hardware, sea of theives, froza, crackdown, cuphead,old games.
I know several xbox guys who don't like that direction. Are sony fans disagreeing....yes but don't think all xbox guys are sitting here hype about old news hardware and old games. Come E3 the power won't matter....if they lack on showing new compelling games more will be disappointed. This drought of games has gone on for far too long. Since the scorpio was announced, games have taken a back seat and specs have taken the forefront with ms. Xbo is 4 years in and thats unacceptable. Show off the scorpio, yes ..but show off games....even if only screenshots...but show them as the fore front. Since the scorpio was announced a year ONE AAA ip ms announced. Just 1. Since E3 sony announced knack 2, uncharted lost legacy, tlou 2, and shown a screen shot of sucker punches game. Nintendo showed a new mario, xenoblade2, arms, and mario vs rabbids rpg. MS has shown nothing but specs and unclear 4k banter. It's like tvtvtvtvtv all over again but replaced with 4k4k4k4k4k4k4k*

*not nessecarily native

Shadyceaser1375d ago

Because there insecure ... I personally don't get it either .... I have had people disagree with the colour of the paint on my wall .... Idiots

curtis921375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

Because this site is full of PS fanboys. That's why. If it were a pic of a PS CPU, first comment would be "Amazing" and have 300 upvotes with 2 downvotes.

LexHazard791375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

GtR35 the nerve hitter😂 ok...
All this guy does is ruin threads with the fanboy nonsense. Then when you respond you come away looking like the one. Wth, Lol...

@bluefox755 (one of my favorite trolls on the site)

I'll leave this here for you. From someone who obviously know alot more than you and I!! Enjoy:

zackeroniii1375d ago

how about he tweet about some exclusives? ...........oh wait............

TheCommentator1375d ago

@ pixel quality comments
-Sorry, I meant image quality! 😅

@ Blue Fox
- Why mention 4K 60 when you know it's possible already? It's simple, 30fps on XB1 means 30fps on Scorpio in 4K. 60fps on XB1 means 60fps on Scorpio in 4K. FYI, Scorpio already runs Forza 6 at 4K 60 with Ultra+ settings.

@ King

Right, games will be shown at E3. Now we're talking about what we know, which is that it is 4K capable for any dev who chooses, unlike Pro which can't handle 4K without compromizes to image quality.

XanderZane1375d ago

They don't want to spoil the surprises. Greatness is coming.

Nybz1375d ago

...because that's what happens on N4G.


JasonKCK1375d ago

"PFFT 6h ago Inappropriate
Cause Xbox i think. You are in N4Sonygamers land."

and right below

"GtR35olution 6h ago (Edited 6h ago)
It would be nice if he tweeted out some exclusive video games for the xbox"

dcbronco1375d ago


If you're familiar with the differences in console and PC you know a closed system like consoles with a specific optimization target and a custom architecture is not the same. A PC is using a better CPU. But a console using an APU that's custom built for gaming, with an OS custom built for it with drastically increased bandwidth and shared reading and writing of the memory is a different beast all together. So if PC can do it sometimes without those things, Scorpio should be capable of it in most of it's games.

MagicBeanz1375d ago

Maybe it has to do with the fact MS has "stated" lots of things and many of them turned out to be not true, just because MS states something doesn't mean its going to happen.

Raiden1375d ago

Patients people, calm down It's. 10 days to go for E3, you don't eat the birthday cake 🎂 before the party and you never it until the day and moment in all it delicious cakinesss, well that's the Scorpio, any games been shown before the event is most likely to be seen at the event so patiently calm down and wait.

P.S. remember all games that are on of x1 runs on Scorpio ♏ so whatever games you have seen lately well be on the system.

Cobra9511374d ago

Printing "4K" right on the chip leaves little doubt that resolution is their priority, not better frame rate (which is MY priority).

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threefootwang1375d ago

My Samsung 65" KS9000 is ready to go. I can't WAIT to see what Scorpios going to look like on this TV.

A true 4K console gaming experience from the comfort of my couch.

Kingthrash3601375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

Hey maybe you know this...
Whats "true 4k" mean?

threefootwang1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

@ kingthrash360

Sounds like you're​ going from one article to the next trolling my comments.

Good luck with that bro 👍

Oh, and you answered your own question in another comment you made:

"Everone knows scorpio will have 4k games"

Gazondaily1375d ago


"Whats "true 4k" mean"

It means "more 4K than the PS4 PRO".

You welcome 😊

4Sh0w1375d ago

lol, Septic...leave the kid alone.

Kingthrash3601375d ago

It means more 4k than the pro? Lol ok.
So when phil says the scorpio is "the only true 4k console" he means more 4k games than the pro?
By that logic then the ps4 is the "true gaming console"..y'know since it has more games.
Or the xbox is "the true game canceling console " because it's cancelled more.
Or xbox one is " the true 720p" console
Or the switch is " the true competition to ps4 this year" since it won more months than xbox this year.....and so on

MegamanXXX1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

Got my PC hooked up to the same TV and true native 4K looks great

freshslicepizza1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

"Hey maybe you know this...
Whats "true 4k" mean?"

You keep asking this and people explain it to you but then you just keep asking. It's become very obvious you don't want an answer and instead keeping up your own agenda.

Then when anyone does bite you go off on a rant about cancelled games or who their true competitors are. You have no purpose in this thread other than to stir up controversy.

Kingthrash3601375d ago

Are you explaining it or are you spewing out nonsense like septic did above?
True 4k means more 4k games than the you guys have no clue how much phil mind rekd you.
Phil- PR genius

4Sh0w1375d ago

Yeah moldy, it was explained multiple times to him just days ago, need one from 343, 3days ago:
It means 2160p

Not 1440p, not 1800p, not checkboarding 2160p

-Yet he still ptetends he wants an answer, when it's clear he's just butthurt because Scorpio is a mote powerful console than ps4pro, lol its OK kid, just breathe and let it go, your ps4 still will work.

threefootwang1375d ago

@ MegamanXXX

That's solid, I wanted to go the 4K PC route too but I'd have to do some substantial upgrades to my PC , enjoy though! It's definitely a great TV to game on!!

xsta1ker1375d ago

i can't see how anyone is questioning scorpios 4k capabilities after DF tear down
Microsoft has this thing brute forcing all older 1080p & 900p games to native 4k

whatcha thinks going to happen with new ip's built from the ground up with DX12
this i can't wait to see... get the popcorn ready the show is about to commence🙂

Kingthrash3601375d ago

It wasn't explained. ...2160p is a resolution the ps4pro has done....phil said the scorpio is the only console that's true it can't mean that.

snoopgg1375d ago

No true 4k console yet, maybe ps5 will be.

dreue1374d ago

for real? i just plug my pc to my sony bravia 4k tv and i run a lot of stuff in 4k...and by the way i hope you enjoy scorpio...but if no games than i dont know for what...because my pro as well looks beautiful with the great exclusives games i can play as well...

mark3214uk1374d ago

septic doesnt even have a 4k tv

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DJ_Professor_K1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

I think MS understand they can't mess this one up the Scorpio will be as powerful as they say because it has to be

mark3214uk1374d ago

ps4 pro also runs some games at native 4k, and has been out for months and is a lot cheaper than the scorpio and has loads of great games

why wait 10 days when what you want is already out

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yarbie10001375d ago

Interesting that I see you type Interesting on 80% of articles I read

TheCommentator1375d ago

Reminds me of Barry from Resident Evil investigating the blood on the floor... 🤔

An hour later... 🤔

Brave_Losers_Unite1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )


4Sh0w1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )


babadivad1375d ago


Barry was just being thorough!

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zivtheawesome1375d ago

So is this a thing now? Is interesting gonna become a meme around here? Well don't forget me!!

XiNatsuDragnel1375d ago

Yep I'm the meme spreader @Interesting

Paytaa1375d ago


Not enough memes around here

XiNatsuDragnel1374d ago

Makes you wonder around here how boring it is.

TheColbertinator1375d ago

Veeeery interesting....BUT STUPID!

The real question everybody is asking though is how does it actually taste.

TheCommentator1375d ago

You have to get to the center of it to find out, but how many licks does that take? I'll go find Mr. Owl...

gangsta_red1375d ago

I heard beast tastes like chicken.

Rude-ro1375d ago

So what did the Xbox one taste like?

gangsta_red1375d ago

A fine braised lamb chop cooked in red wine, sauteed in garlic and honey....or just chicken.