Play official Commodore 64 games on your mobile phone

Gamers of a certain age, you better sit down – this is genuinely exciting news. Kiloo has signed a deal with Commodore to co-publish more than 20 'classic' C64 games for mobile phones.

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starbug one5421d ago

I loved my c64 back in the day. I also had a sinclair and vic 20. those were the days - Omega Race anyone. There is a game called racing destruction set (i think) that I absolutely loved back then. Gunship was a fun heli sim for me as well. I remember going on what we called bulletin boards and talking from pc to pc. You call them websites now. Oh the memories.

I really hate cell phones though and refuse to use one. I even tell friends I won't call them on their cell. I always get the feeling that someone is monitoring the calls. Call me paranoid but it's not unlikely.