The Top 50 Xbox Characters of All Time

"How many worlds have they saved? How many enemies have they annihilated? How many princesses and princes have they nailed? Below you will find the 50 greatest heroes to ever grace a Microsoft console. You'll find big, bombastic blokes who've left a path of destruction on their way to victory, sexy sheilas more nimble than a Russian circus cat and even non-humanoid beasties from across the galaxy who've fought for the powers of good despite their hideously ugly mugs.

Think we've missed anyone in particular? Don't agree with the order? Please let us know in the comments below. Now get a move on young game enthusiast and take a walk down memory lane as we celebrate the 50 greatest characters to grace the Xbox or Xbox 360." - from Gameplayer

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SlappingOysters3724d ago

that kicked butt. What an awesome time I have had with my Xbox and Xbox 360 over the years. Few little gems I am going to go and revisit tonight!

Sucks2BU3724d ago

since MS did live and brought in a HD I have been pretty focused on that console despite owning all three.

My best memories are still from way back though. SNES, Master System... N64

DevastationEve3724d ago

Abe was an awesome character, but his initial appearances were in the 32bit PSone. Nevertheless, I think OddWorld made a really good story and I did like the plight of the Mudokins. And the gameplay mechanics were pretty advanced.

Sucks2BU3724d ago

But has it been the one character through the entire series. I have only played the one oddworld but I was always to the impression that the characters were random though each game.

I don't think the PlayStation thing matters: there is at least one character on that list who first appeared on the N64 of all consoles.

SlappingOysters3724d ago

well more than just those two consoles. It is characters on the X360 or Xbox by the looks of it. Wherever their origins.

Sucks2BU3724d ago

But ultimately I'm pretty happy with their selections.

Weighed more in favour of the X360 than the Xbox, but I guess that is expected.

SlappingOysters3724d ago

The Xbox was kind of a long second last generation. Not the case this time around.

Sucks2BU3724d ago

This is a pretty good list, but a pretty mature one as well. Which console ultimately has the best characters ever.

My first thought is the N64... although the Master System and PS2 had some gems as well.

MvmntInGrn3724d ago

I can't wait for TGS, these filler non-news articles are getting old.

Nice list I suppose, I just skimmed over it.

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