The 10 Best Wii Buys of Christmas

"Earlier this year we predicted a shit storm of shovelware for Nintendo's little white wagglebox, and we weren't disappointed. Well, actually we WERE disappointed, because we were right. Still, some gems have managed to break through the clutter of coded crud; you just have to be vigilant when it comes to finding them.

Christmas time is the worst for avoiding shite, for your well-meaning but game-clueless Aunty Mavis may truly think you'll dig on something that begins with 'Petz'. Our suggestion? Get those Chrissie wish lists happening and nailed to the fridge NOW!" - from Gameplayer

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SlappingOysters3671d ago

Although it kind of shows how Nintendo have stopped supporting their console with decent software.

I think I will still stick to the linked X360 list.

Sucks2BU3671d ago

But almost all those games are better elsewhere. Not saying it is a bad list for the console, just that the console is lame.

Voiceofreason3671d ago

LMAO...Most of those are called EXCLUSIVE so you cant find them on other console. The ones that are multi in most cases offer more content on Wii. GHWT for example. Has everything the PS3/360 version does but also contains many features not present in the PS3/360 version. But please continue to think that Disaster will be better on PS3, or De Blob is better on 360.

marionz3671d ago

last time i looked the wii had nothing worth buying, just a load of [email protected] party games that look bad even XBLA games look way better then wii games

Voiceofreason3671d ago

Yeah nothing worth looking at on Wii... Thats why you rushed here to look at this list the very second it got put up..I wonder jsut how much time you focus on a console you claim offers nothing for you?

chanmasta3671d ago

... marionz just got owned! Nice one Voiceofreason, if only there was a way to send that to every Wii basher world-wide...

ChickeyCantor3671d ago


Look we know you hate the wii, but comments like yours are becomming SPAM. On top of that you aren't the only one making these comments. Comments that contain your opinion about something no one ever asked for.

What is your point anyway? You hate the Wii?
We got that by now...Mission complete?no?
you want a trophy?

And like VoR said:
Why do you people come in to these articles if you don't give a sh/t?
...Well maybe you actually do...and that's why you click in this section.

Product3671d ago

From the article itself
"Also, any snobbish ‘hardcore’ gamers who’ve popped by to snigger at what lies ahead, go off and get a life – NOW! You’re not wanted here"
out of the 2 comments above me one already falls into this catagory.

jtucker783671d ago

I wonder if Nintendo have something sneaky hidden away that no one knows about yet.

A new IP that they'll show off at their press event?

Probably not, but you never know.

Sucks2BU3671d ago

But I doubt it. Ultimately at E3 Nintendo talked most about 'evergreen' products. Which means they will just milk what they've got until the sales dip

ChickeyCantor3671d ago

Here is a fact for ya.

Why do you think any company makes a sequel to a game?
..hey thats right: Golden Milk.
Milk Milk Milk Milk Milk Milk Milk Milk Milk Milk Milk Milk.

Be carefull now if you walk the streets, any object can burst you bubble.

Nugan3671d ago

If Nintendo does announce any new games at their press conference, they will probably be for 2009, not this holiday season.

That said, I do think they will probably give us an American release date for Disaster at the event.

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The story is too old to be commented.