The 8 Best Star Trek Games (And The 7 Worst)

Let's take a look at 8 of the best Star Trek games and 7 of the worst ever released.

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joab7771813d ago

STO is a great game. But I am ashamed that we don't have a great ST rpg. It's pathetic! Why can't someone with the talent of CDPR make an rpg set in this universe. C'man man!

Phoenix761812d ago

Agree. Sto is a good game, if looking a little dated now. More in depth than I thought it would be

Etlugtehul1813d ago

Det er lort, mucho grande scheise:)

morganfell1813d ago

Slideshow site. Desperate for hits, eh?

Duke191813d ago

1) Screw slideshow sites.
2) Why order a list like that?

Nacho_Z1812d ago

I remember a Star Trek game for the Gameboy, even as a kid who thought every new game was awesome I could tell it was pretty bad.