15 Secrets In Persona 5 You Probably Didn't Know About

Persona 5 is massive and this list will help you get the most out of it!

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gprime2200d ago (Edited 2200d ago )

This article should be re-titled "15 secrets in persona 5 you probably didn't know about... unless you've played the game for more than 5 minutes"

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InKnight7s2200d ago

Ok spoilers for the picture :) I call Arlus to sue this site

Tross2200d ago

I just beat this game and got the true ending. I never did repair the broken laptop and figured it was a gift to give Futaba at some point but I guess that explains where to get more retro games to play. Otherwise, this list fails because I did know about every other "secret" in the game, and I'm sure anyone who played the game would as they're not exactly obscure things. I suppose I didn't see the dramatic scene for dating multiple women either but I figured there would be something like that since Persona 4: Golden started the trend of having actual repercussions for that. I decided to just date Ann, and it worked out fine for me.

gprime2200d ago

Persona 4 started the trend because you didn't have a choice before that. In persona 3, if you ranked up their social link high enough, you were automatically in a relationship, whether you wanted it or not. I felt really bad "cheating" on Fuuka in 3, but i wanted to max out other social links too.

Razzer2200d ago

You can max out social links without becoming romanticly involved.

gprime2200d ago

In 4 and 5, yes you can, but not in 3. It assumes if you're that close with them, you're dating.

Tross2200d ago

True, the original Persona 4 had the choice whether to date a girl whose social link you maxed out, but there was no consequence to deciding to date all of them. Golden added a Valentine's Day portion where you feel like a douche for stringing them all along, and it looks like Persona 5 has something similar, which was what I was remarking on.

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