Call of Duty 5 Launch Event

David Hollingworth writes:

"Call of Duty 5 is coming (and we really hope it's good!), and to celebrate Activision and Alienware are running a mammoth 24-hour gaming LAN at Swinburne University on November 5th."

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thewho3675d ago

call of duty 5 is coming next year by infinity ward .
this game is called call of duty: waw (or 4.5 if you like numbers).
stop calling it 5, it isn't.

jonnyp7773674d ago

...i hate how this game keeps getting called CoD5. to the people who say it is 5, where is the 5 in the title? i'm betting the next infinity ward game will be 5, not 6.

ha, i thought this line was funny from this article: "and as well as CoD5 there'll be Quantum of Solace and World at War to be played."

i thought according to them, CoD5 and world at war were the same thing. or do they mean the real CoD5 that IW will release next. do they get to play that one when it's only half way done? that's pretty cool, jk. ha, way to proof read. although, i might rent Quantum of Solace sometime to see how it plays, considering it uses the CoD4 engine also.