SEGA Open New VR Arcade Arena In Japan

SEGA enter the world of location-based VR by launching a VR arena in Akihabara, Japan.

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SEGA All I want to hear from you is two words and one number say it with me SEGA Dreamcast 2. If Nintendo can be successful with that piece of garbage it calls the switch you would totally dominate with a new Dreamcast

thatguyhayat2075d ago

Switch is actually doing ok better than xbox one when it was first released. Releasing dreamcast 2 would be a dangerous move for them if it didnt work out

rocketpanda2075d ago

Far too risky for them to enter into the market now as much as I would love for a Dreamcast 2. Even if they did, consoles thrive with first party exclusives. I can't see Sonic, Nights, Crazy Taxi or Virtua Fighter selling consoles exclusively l.

Sega is doing fine as a publisher giving us gems from time to time like Yakuza and Total War games.