Honest Gamers: Jewel Quest Expeditions Review

Gary Hartley writes:

"While the kooky story of a heartbroken man throwing himself into an adventure to try and forget the woman who wronged him is played out jerkily in the background, it's the familiar puzzle that will have you scything through all 180 boards in the story mode before you even know you've started. There's a certain level of addictiveness that all good puzzles games have that's hard to put into words, but, handily, I don't need to. Because you've played Tetris or Bust-a-Move or something of the ilk and you know exactly what I mean. Jewel Quest: Expeditions is never going to win prizes for originality but it's a fun game that you'll sink hours into and always come away wanting more. There's not a great deal more you can ask for."

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