DS Lite wins TIME magazines "Gadget of the Week"

I knew there was something special about the Nintendo DS when I first cradled one in my hands last holiday season: The allure of the handheld game platform with two screens (including a PDA-like touchscreen) plus built-in microphone and wireless connectivity wasn't Mario's mushroom-fueled mayhem; instead, it was a puppy. A golden labrador retriever, in fact, that I could call to aloud and pet with a stylus. With Nintendogs, the quirky videogame pioneer decided to attract people like myself who reside outside the hard core of the gaming world. Now, with the introduction of the DS Lite and the Touch Generations series of games, Nintendo has amplified its efforts to lure non-gamers.

OutLaw6573d ago

Out of all the Systems Nintendo DS wins.


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jambola11d ago

I can't wait for it to look Even worse than the original and force exp share


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