Are the free Xbox Games With Gold titles for June 2017 any good?

Neil writes "Each and every month Xbox gamers get access to not just one, not two, not even three, but four free Xbox titles with the Xbox Games With Gold scheme. This month however things are a little different, as five free goodies are coming the way of Xbox Live Gold subscribers thanks to Xbox Games With Gold for June 2017. But whilst the quantity is no doubt large, can the same be said of the quality of free gifts being sent our way during the next four weeks?"

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oKidUKo600d ago

Always happier when one of the games is brand new and free

SlyBoogie1993600d ago

Started properly playing Watch Dogs recently, fantastic offering

_-EDMIX-_600d ago

Watchdogs, Assassins Creed and Dragon Age, all good pick ups (if you didn't play them that is)

Free is always nice.

TheCommentator600d ago

Hmm. All Ubisoft games for June? I wonder if MS has something going on with them at E3? The timing is rather coincidental at any rate.

On topic, I haven't played Watchdogs yet so I'm pretty stoked about that one.

_-EDMIX-_599d ago

Dragon Age isn't a Ubisoft game.....

TheCommentator599d ago (Edited 599d ago )

Lol, I totally knew that too about Dragon Age. My bad.

MagicBeanz600d ago

Well they're "good" now, because they're free.

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Kosic600d ago

The list isn't bad. Already played watchdogs on ps4 but don't mind getting a triple A title for free. Its not a bad game either.