PSX Extreme: Fat Princess Preview

PSX Extreme writes: "The creation of a downloadable platform for the PlayStation 3 has brought us some games that we normally wouldn't see, as publishers would often oppose slapping a simplistic 300MB game onto a 25GB medium. HD remakes like Puzzle Fighter and Street Fighter are less likely to arrive, as are games like Fat Princess. What makes downloadable games so fantastic is that often times, you get the full game experience for a fraction of the price. WipeOut HD is one such example of that, and Fat Princess looks to be the next...

Debuting at this past E3 in July, Fat Princess is Sony's all new castle-siege title that is every bit as colorful as it is bloody and violent. An awkward combo, no doubt, but considering that we're in the medieval era here, it's apt. The goal of Fat Princess is to engage into matches where two opposing teams fight to rescue their princess. The catch here is that each team is has been stuffing the princess with fattening foods, making her that much harder to rescue."

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3697d ago

An innovative and quirky PSN game which will be another nail in the coffin of the 360