Modern Warfare Remastered standalone may arrive soon

Call of Duty fans that skipped last year's Infinite Warfare but are still hopeful of playing Modern Warfare Remastered may be in luck, with a recent Amazon listing pointing to a June standalone release for the game.

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GHOSTxTZ2068d ago (Edited 2068d ago )

This should have been out by now

CanadianTurtle2068d ago

Activision wouldn't do that. This company will not pass off the chance to milk 80 dollars out of the consumer for as long as they possibly can until the next CoD comes out. That's when they'll probably release MW1 remastered as a stand-alone game.

TiberusX872068d ago

Along with microtransactions and DLC that's more expensive than when it launched.

Nu2068d ago

If anyone regrets their initial purchase please let me know.

Paytaa2067d ago (Edited 2067d ago )

To an extent, yes. I bought it once the IW/CoD4 bundle dropped to $60 which was like around December. Haven't touched that Infinity Warman garbage, but CoD4R at launch aside from not all the maps being in the game was a very solid remaster since graphically it looks excellent and the gameplay was untouched.

Problem was, not too long after they added the rest of the core maps, they also added a storefront where you could buy "CoD Points" or whatever that trash is called. This resulted in new awful looking camos, sights, and added a new melee weapon mechanic where you can for example use a broken beer bottle or a baseball bat to replace the knife. On top of that, charging $15 for a 10 year old map pack.

It was nice to revisit one of my favorite games of all time again, but the Black Ops 3-esque additions only hurt a remaster of such a legendary game.

If you love CoD4 then $20-$30 should be the standalone price. Don't pay anymore than that.

TheCommentator2067d ago

There's a sucker born every minute... it appears most of them play COD.

LexHazard792068d ago

Nice..right in time for E3. I'll buy the game but no dlc as I didnt like any of it on the original.

BlaqMagiq12068d ago

The smart people waited for this and now it will pay off

_-EDMIX-_2067d ago

Don't do that

please seriously refrain from trying to throw shade or attack the people who purchased this.

Waiting for this is no different a choice then choosing to purchase it.

It's simply an optional Choice ,there is no smart choice in this simply because the purchase of this is subjective just as much as waiting for it.

If someone has the money for this sure, if somebody wants to wait ,that's fine too

please stop trying to paint it as this "smart" or black-and-white absolute situation.

Seriously folks it's not that hard to say that you waited for this without trying to attack the community

Newmanator2067d ago

You're correct in all that you say

ClayRules20122067d ago (Edited 2067d ago )

Well said, bud.

I had a conversation with one of my friends yesterday explaining that while I understand many gamers wanted Backwards compatibility with the PS4, I myself love when some of my favorite games from the previous generation receive a "Remaster" on the new console. Now, I'm talking about a really commendable Remaster, along the likes of TLoU, GTAV, Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, along with a few others. Not some cheap cash grab, with nothing really improved on the visual front with textures, lighting, character models, and controls. I do still wish it was possible for Backwards compatibility tho, for gamers who want that option, and don't want to spent 60$ for a remastered game.

Newmanator2067d ago

Or maybe the smart people have been enjoying both games for the last 7 months??

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The story is too old to be commented.