Demon’s Souls Lore & Myth Analysis: Archetypal Substructure

Seyroon at Fextralife writes, "Demon’s Souls more-or-less obviously draws upon history, mythology, and psychology for inspiration. Now it’s time to look behind the scenes once more, where the Monomyth, or Hero’s Journey, waits patiently to be observed. Below. the story/events of the game are mapped onto the classic archetypal tale, step-by-step, as per this basic overview. As a personal interpretation, this is just one of many possible projections of the game onto the Monomyth, which is itself only a rough outline of events that may or may not combine to produce it, and which is best served loosely – told metaphorically at times, and perhaps out of order, or incompletely – as strict adherence comes across as unoriginal and boring."

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