Soccer Moms Snag all Nintendo Wiis

Well, the first reports from the field are in and all is not good for aspiring Nintendo Wii owners. A lot of hopes and dreams of acquiring the much sought after Nintendo Wii on Sunday, January 21st were crushed as reports of huge lines and subsequent out of stock signs were unfortunately back up.

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eepiccolo5218d ago

Poorly written article; a little context would have been nice.

But anyway, how significant is this really? Was there actually a huge wave of Wiis released on Sunday, or was it just a bunch of hype?

calderra5218d ago

Good point. And there wasn't a wave of Wiis- I think the point is that this is happening EVERY week for the Wii, just as it was for 360.

And most games sales are, in fact, already to the mothers of game-players, and that's especially so during the holidays. So thinking again, yeah this article is pretty much senseless.

calderra5218d ago

But the PS3 is just so well-stocked that there are more units than there are demand for! That's why the Wii is moving 3x or more units with no problem!


Silver Bull3t5218d ago (Edited 5218d ago )

They heard about the upcoming dildo-chuck peripheral...

MicroGamer5218d ago

trying to get one. At least half the people in line when I got mine were women in their 30's and 40's.