Kojima shows new merchandise, and Ludens is moving to the US

A few small Kojima Productions related updates today. First of all, here are some new pictures of Death Stranding / Kojima Productions related merchandise that is currently being worked on.

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Goldby509d ago

death stranding will be at E3, cant wait!!!!!

Nyxus509d ago

Would love to see some gameplay, but it's probably still too early for that. I'll take what I can get!

Goldby509d ago

as the voice in the PT trailer states through the radio.

Dont trust the news.

its further along than we all think. after all he has over 300 people working on it

Nyxus509d ago

@ Goldby: 300? I don't think that's right, he has stated before that he wanted to have a team of 100 people max.

Goldby509d ago

There was an interview with Mads who said he had 300 people working on it already. That may be some of guerrilla games staff, after all Kojima does have an office inside Guerrilla's space

Ceaser9857361509d ago

Gameplay should be during PSX 2017 or E3 2018.. Cant wait to see their next teaser with amazing soundtrack.. I hope we get more info this time around..

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Summons75509d ago

If it is they best have gameplay or they shouldn't bother.

Batzi509d ago (Edited 509d ago )

Highly doubt there will be gameplay, it's still early.

jznrpg509d ago

Death Stranding's story will be crazy, I am definitely pre-ordering the collectors edition day 1. Kojima has freedom to make what he wants and I am sure I will love it . This is shaping up to be my favorite generation, P5 , Nier 2, Tales of Berseria, NioH ,HZD , Zelda BoTW just this year and so much more to come .

Nyxus509d ago

Yeah, 2017 has been crazy so far!

The-rain-maker509d ago

Bloodborne and possibly bloodborne 2

Fist4achin509d ago

The cough drop is moving to the US ?

SkippyPaccino509d ago

They'll have to get passed Trump first...