5 Likes/Dislikes About Call of Duty: World at War's Perks List

A list of the new perks for CoD:WaW was recently leaked. Here's whats good about it and what really sucks.

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Andras843698d ago

that didn't feature wehicles online. What do they mean it doesn't belong there?? That was the only thing missing from COD4.

OOG3698d ago

um CoD 1 and 2? lol I dont remember vehicles online in part 2....cuz well there wasnt and pretty sure 1 didnt have any either

DA_SHREDDER3698d ago

And the fact he b*tches about juggernat just shows that he probably sucks at cod4 anways. The way I deal with juggernaut if Im snipping is getting my 21 out cause its a 2 shot kill regardless,, and then of course overkill with a silenced mp5 to make sure I never have to go looking for someone else's gun for cqc. Also, this guy says this game is just an expansion pack, but he also says the game is more polished,, new era, and more perks including veichles. Um that sounds more of a whole new game if you ask me. Wanna see a new game coming out that is just an expansion? Look at gears of war 2. 5 vs 5 online and new gamemode.. Hmmmm,, did they really need to charge 65 dollars for that?

PureGamer3698d ago

had to add in the fanboy comment at the end didnt you. Troll.

Road Dog3698d ago

To Da Troll.

Either on PSN or XBL you probably suck anyways at COD4.

Ryangp3698d ago

about that vehicle comment, its gonna suck unless you can only use them in some types of game, what about capture the flag game, you can just drive up to the base and plant it, the old game was alot funner having to get their by foot.

Djomblade13698d ago

I dont like perks period. I think all of them should be abolished. That wont happen I know, but I will say (even though its a step in the right direction) that the 3x frag grenades down to 2x should be 3x frags down to 1 AND ONLY F**KING 1!


well everyone has different feelings about the perks.

Now i don't mean to sound like i am having a go at you, but you sound like you been killed one too many times by the phantom " random Nade " kill.

The way i see it is this, as long as everyone has access to the same perks, which they do as long as your the right rank, then its a fair playing field.

Someone has juggernaught on, fine you stick it on to. If they all have 3 nades, you get your 3 nade perk out as well.

its just as even as having no perks.... its just people choose different perks to suite their own playing style.. but that's still your choice.

I like having 3 nades. two random and 1 for keeps. thing is i don't really throw them random. usually someone on the other team is dumb enough to shoot of the spawn ( i don't know why people do it, its not gears of war ) and i just throw the nade in the direction of the red dot on my radar. usually get 1 or 2 kills of it.

pegger243698d ago

I couldn't agree more Dark, I get tired of people claiming the victim on COD 4
The fact that people complain about others using juggernaut or last stand or frag x3 just makes me glad they are there. and while I am ranting, why on earth do people get pissed when they put someone in last stand and then someone else kills them? I cannot count how many times I have been killed by someone else's last stand a**hole still shooting. If you cannot finish your kill than someone else should.
Back on topic, I am excited for COD 5, cannot wait to try out the new multiplayer, hopefully it won't suck

DA_SHREDDER3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

I mean come on. At least I gave a legitimate reason why I felt that way. Unlike this guy,, who just blames everything on juggarnaut. I'm not trolling btw. I do love my 360. Fable 2 is my most anticipated exclusive on the system this year, but you have to admit that Cliffy B really didn't do much to separate itself from Gears 1. Adding one mode and an extra guy in multiplayer is not a good enough reason for a 65 dollar price tag. Dont get me wrong though. I will rent it. Also, Im getting World at War for both consoles.

knamelis3698d ago

Unless your doing some sort of review where a comparison of the 2 games is necessary... buying 2 copies of the same game on multiple systems is the stupidest thing in the world.

slinkey1233698d ago

A whole new story mode is a good enough reason for the $65 price tag. Also there will be a load more MP maps, so its definitely going to be worth the 65.

There are plenty of games without multi player but if they are good then the 2nd one will always be worth the money.

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