The Canceled Prey 2 Game Had An Awesome Plot Twist

Prey is now out on consoles and PC, and Arkane's take at an immersive sim in the veins of System Shock and Deus Ex has been pretty well accepted. But more tidbits of the canceled Prey 2, the sequel by the original Prey game's developers Human Head have come out of the woodwork.

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DarkOcelet599d ago

As much as i loved the new Prey, i wish they would have made Prey 2as well because it looked awesome and made the new Prey with a different name.

-Foxtrot599d ago

I don't get why you would focus on a bounty hunter only to get Tommy involved when it's his story

Tommy should have been the one to finish what he started

Ashunderfire86599d ago

Yea cause Tommy was transported into a new Alien world at the end. He should continue that.

McToasty207597d ago

+Foxtrot Yeah that was my only complaint about Prey 2 when they first showed it off, I mean how could using Spirit Powers along with the New Mobility, Weapons and Bounty Hunting Mechanics not make one of the most unique shooters of all time. I think it was probably a response to the plethora of generic bald marines seen in shooters last gen

ArchangelMike599d ago

The new Prey also has an awesome plot twist after the credits rolled.

BlackIceJoe598d ago

I hope some day Human Head Studios can make another Cyberpunk game. Just take the ideas from Prey 2 and turn it into a new IP.

MorpheusX598d ago

This game and Half-Life 3. oh my heart aches of what could have been. lol

The Original Prey was so unique & awesome, I got invested in Tommy' character & the Story, the way it ended, made me really wonder & look forward to a sequel.

Initially was disappointed upon 1st reveal that Tommy's story wasn't front & center in Prey 2, but after seeing its E3 reveal, I was very impressed, & once I heard about Tommy's cameo appearances in Prey 2, I was relieved feeling perhaps Prey 3 would maybe go into what happened to Tommy @ the end of Prey.

The cancellation was heart braking of course, I'm not going to rehash & bash, but I believe in Karma.

Arkane's game should have been named something else. real simple, for @ least the sake of the fans of the original Human Head Studio's vision of what Prey was really all about. Respect.

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