Use your PS eye as a webcam

The Sony PS3 EYE Camera now works as a webcam - with Windows.

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Laexerias3675d ago

:D Hehe, now i got a Webcam.

BulletToothtony3675d ago

WOW finally someone got this to work... i've read so many threads about this.

Thanks you for the driver alex.. and thank you to whoever found this.. great news...

Works 100%

Took less than 5 mins to install..

i'm stoked!!!

rroded3675d ago

ya wow great stuff
so now my eye and ps3 controller work on my pc :D

AlterEgo3675d ago

I've been trying to do this for a WHILE.

Thanks. Thanks. Thanks.

masterofpwnage3675d ago

well its ko but i already got one, but its dope though and thanks for the hard work so all the other ps eye users who doesnt have a webcam can now have one.

ur such a gentlemen

AlterEgo3675d ago


i installed it, and it works BUT you can't use it for a webcam.

he has this proprietary program for vid captures, but you can't use it for messenger or youtube. ONLY in his PS3EyeTest application.

Kind of sucks, but least they're making progress.

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The story is too old to be commented.