SCEE: No retail-sale, only pre-orders for Europe

In the newest newsletter of the dutch gamestore Nedgame, there is told that Sony will only deliver pre-orders to the stores in Europe. So no campings in front of the nearest gamestore, only the lucky guys with a pre-order will get their hands on the PS3.

"We have recently heard from Sony that they'll only deliver pre-orders to stores. There will be NO further sale in the stores. It is already sure that the demand will be higher than the supply."

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WarEagle135427d ago

"only the lucky guys with a pre-order will get their hands on the PS3"...only to find out a few hours later that they were in fact the unlucky ones who thought they were buying a gaming console

achira5427d ago

you moron have no idea of how like the ps3 is. the ps3 has far better quality than the xbox360, so whats your point ? its definivly the best console. and dont forget, every console, has only a few games when it launches, the xbox360 had only crap until 5 months after launch.

KingJames19065427d ago

Sony doesn't want to see digital images of PS3's stacked 20-30 deep from some big UK electronics stores with a title of "PS3 on Store Shelves a week after UK Launch."

power of Green 5427d ago (Edited 5427d ago )

Get a life Sony defender/protector/gaurdian/da ddy.

r10005427d ago

Oh man.... i really don't get it... I can't understand how people are happy to bash another console, and would like just one to be on the market...

Little do "THEY" know that's that last thing "THEY" want to happen... You can say goodbye to competition, say good bye to Great Games... there would be no reason for developers to spend extra effort on games... they know your going to buy it, because they know your going to "HAVE" to buy it...

Marriot VP5427d ago

Why would they do this?? Any ideas. Usually I can see past company's motives but this one I'm stumped at the moment. I'll probably think of it later.

BrotherSic5427d ago

My opinion why would be:

They dont want news reports that of people camping for nothing.

However i believe they will turn this news into a positive by saying that the console is selling that well they cant meet demand etc

This also could be a country to country or store to store policy such as they allow UK sellers to have stock and not dutch sellers.

MicroGamer5427d ago

because they want the ebayers to build up the hype for PS3 in Europe by charging outragous prices for them. They know that a large number of those that have pre-orders in already are going to be ebay scalpers, so very few of the pre-order units will be going directly to gamers.

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The story is too old to be commented.