8 DC Characters Who Should Have Been In Injustice 2 & 7 Who Shouldn't

Injustice 2 is an awesome game, but these characters tweaks would make it even better.

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1603d ago
BlackIceJoe1603d ago

I agree Mortal Kombat characters shouldn't be in the game. I disagree with adding V, because the game should just be DC characters. I knew Plastic Man, B'wana Beast and Ambush Bug would never be in the game, but adding them would have been very interesting. So even though I doubt any will be DLC, I'd love to see them show up.

vfl5231602d ago

V is a DC character. It clearly says it in the article. He is based off of a DC comic from 1988.

ZHZ901602d ago

I disagree with this entire list. Black Manta will already be in I2 judging by his silhouette while others I don't think any of announced characters including Sub-Zero should be replaced.

optimus1603d ago

i think they should have included lobo, batgirl, basically all the dlc characters from the 1st game (at least the dc ones) as default characters in this one.

fritz_alexander131603d ago

I agree with Sub-Zero not being in it but really the rest of the "Should not" list is bullshit, as well as some of the "Should"s.

Replacing The Joker with Krypto and Ace? Fucking really?

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