Sony E3 2017 Preview: PS4 Price Cut, God of War, PS4 Games On PS Now, New Games And More

What does Sony have in store at E3? What's worth watching for? As it turns out, a lot.

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proudly_X2073d ago

Lame! There is no way PS4 games are coming to PS Now.. I also don't see a Price cut happening. Sony will watch the market before deciding if it needs a price cut at this time..

SpaceRanger2073d ago

My friend said they already received the shipments for the gold PS4 and mentioned that the price drop was to $279.99. Not a major price drop, but it's competitive.

Overload2073d ago (Edited 2073d ago )

The price is getting dropped. PS4 is going for the mass market, which is why they're securing all these 3rd party deals, like Fifa. They are going to be a mass market price, in a zone they have control over (EU), aligned with Fifa, which is probably why their projections are so high for this year.

Destiny 2, Call Of Duty, SWBF2 and Fifa bundles will do serious damage.

RosweeSon2073d ago

Sounds about right tho, also give them room to go down to $249 for Scorpios launch ;)

Ceaser98573612073d ago

FIFA 18 marketing is with Sony now??? Wow!! All these years it was Xbox isn't it ???

Xavi4K2073d ago

any idea if the pro will get price cut too?

SpaceRanger2073d ago


I'll ask him tomorrow to see what he knows. So far no color changes for Pro, only the base in gold.

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Liqu1d2073d ago

Sony already announced PS4 games are coming to PS Now.

Kingthrash3602073d ago

Yupp...I'm the one who outed the actual games on youtube

This is what they have so far

Kaemman2073d ago

There is a beta letting people play PS4 games on PSNow.

OB1Biker2073d ago

I think Sony already said some PS4 games will eventually come to PSNow but I don't blame you for thinking the piece is lame. Its full of contradiction in gamingbolt (purposely?) depressing style

Silly gameAr2073d ago

PS4 games are coming to PSNow.. That's been known for months.

ninsigma2073d ago

They are though. It's already been announced. Older games mind You, not new ones but still, PS4 games are going to the service.

RosweeSon2073d ago

PS4 games already been confirmed for ps now hence why they removed it from PS3 I guess. As for a price cut it's barely had one since launch, just chucked a game or 2 in with it instead but an official £50 price cut when they've already sold 60 million or so it's not that unlikely specially as Microsoft would have surely announced their Scorpio price the day before at E3 they announce their price (£400/500) Sony go oh yeah all our ps4's are now £50 off? ;) Pro's drop below £299 or stay the same price and get a free game... quite likely me thinks :)

Aenea2073d ago

They already announced PS4 games on PS Now will happen so you're wrong there buddy.

Scorpio is coming and am sure MS is going to cut the price of the One S further, so Sony doing the same with the Slim model is a given as well.

thisismyaccount2073d ago (Edited 2073d ago )

June 7th Sony will start to sell the PS4Pro for $450 (China) ... 5 days before their e3 Press Show. Don´t see any price cut incoming at least not for the PS4Pro.

thehitman13982073d ago

Sony had already said ps4 games are coming to playstation now. Lol you r so butthurt it's to funny.

2073d ago
Elda2073d ago

PS4 games are coming to PS Now but only a few & the PS4 games that'll be on PS Now will be old games not current ones,any PS4 that were released within 6 months to a year that appears on PS Now would be because they were flops & I've got this from a very reliable source.I was told Sony wouldn't t be a fool to put new PS4 games on PS Now knowing that it wouldn't ruin any chance of retail sales.

Godmars2902073d ago

If PS Now is streaming, with servers doing most of the lifting/coding, then anything can be on the PS4. Just a question of working any legal and IP issues.

UKmilitia2073d ago

Sony mentionede a whiel back ps4 coming to NOW

rocketpanda2073d ago

The console has been out since late 2013, a price drop is inevitable. As for a back catalogue of PS4 games on Now, why not?

DigitalRaptor2072d ago

They are absolutely bringing PS4 games to PS Now, but they are most likely to be old ones.

If they want to sell subscriptions they will put on newer games, but they are trying to strike a balance and Sony has shown that they don't have what it takes to run PS Now service very well and I don't expect that to change.

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Overload2073d ago

I don't think we'll hear one word about PS Now on stage.

Kurisu2073d ago

Maybe in a throwaway comment like when they're talking about games available on PS4 "...including great titles from the PS3 via PS Now". Then nothing else.

MrSega2073d ago

I'm waiting for a new Sony's HandHeld

DarXyde2073d ago

I'd like that, but it's quite doubtful we'll hear anything about that.

I love Vita, but I wonder if Sony has much interest in a new handheld at this juncture. It would be a great way to reconnect with the Japanese market, especially if it has some baked in features allowing it to compete with Switch. If they are, I believe it's too soon for that and I'd rather they not use that time to talk too much about hardware.

MrSega2073d ago

I really don't believe that Sony will leave Nintendo alone running freely on the portable market.

DarXyde2073d ago


I don't think Sony will allow Nintendo to run wild either. I just don't see a new handheld in the cards right now. Before they do, I think they want to tease out as many variables that lead to Vita's reception as possible. Additionally, they've challenged Nintendo twice and lost twice. I wouldn't be surprised if they're really considering the best course of action before making any commitments.

Sony has been known to... feel inspired by Nintendo from time to time. I will not say "copy" since Sony seems to often hold old patents that predate Nintendo's new devices. Rather, once they see Nintendo succeeding in projects they scrapped, they introduce these ideas to the public with renewed faith.
And since the Switch is new, I believe Sony should wait until next year at the absolute earliest to even think about a new handheld

andibandit2073d ago


The portable market is being invaded by smartphones/tablets, no one is running freely.

Bjorn-c-blocker2073d ago

There is no chip for them to use.

MrSega2073d ago

there is the Furian Architecture from Power VR, the same family from VITA CPU, it has only 7nm and it has focused on VR and high mobile performance, most likely will be the next iPhone GPU/CPU.

MrSec842073d ago

Actually AMD already has their Bristol Ridge APU (Specifically the FX-9800p), which Sony could get them to base a portable PS4 SoC on.
Even manufactured at 28nm, with a quad core Excavator CPU clocked from 2.7 to 3.6Ghz and an 8CU 758Mhz GPU (that's producing 776GFlops), it only uses 12 to 15 watts and can run any major modern games at settings that work fine for small screens.
AMD and Sony's fabrication partners scaled the base PS4's APU to 16nm, there are no reasons why AMD couldn't swap out excavator for a modified Jaguar core, make some refinements to the GPU and CPU cores to allow for faster clocks, fab it below 28nm and Sony puts out a portable capable of running games that are 1080p on the home system at 720p on the go.

PS4's base GPU is older architecture, so with AMD's newer stuff they would need less than 817 GFlops to do this in a portable, even Bristol Ridge's 776GFlops GPU could be overkill for that, because of the modern tech, hell the portable being newer than PS4 Pro could have further refinements from Vega or Navi and be closer to Raven Ridge.
Sony could even use a kind of checkerboard render technique to make lower res games scale better to a 1080p portable display.

The tech exists now for Sony to make a PS4 portable, clearly there's a market for decent home console quality portables, whether it's in development depends on whether Sony decided it's worth their time.

ocelot072073d ago

Very much doubt Sony will talk about PS Now on stage. Or at least if they do it won't be for very long. As for a price cut. I think it will happen. The RRP for the PS4 in the UK is £249.99 I think. So they will drop it down to £229.99 or even £199.99 RRP. So retailers will drop them down to £199.99 or £179.99.

Can also see a price drop for the PS4 Pro. Most likely down to £299.99 RRP with most retailers selling at £279.99 or even as low as £249.99. Am hoping they lower the RRP for the VR headset to around £299 as well as offering a bundle option. PSVR + Camera + 2x Move controllers + VR game for £349.99.

RosweeSon2073d ago

All depends on Scorpio the day before but me thinks a minor price cut for the summer months and then come Oct/Nov near Scorpio launch and Black Friday they can drop another £20/30.

Skankinruby2073d ago

Cutting the price for the Pro would be a brilliant move in terms of killing any early momentum for the scorpio.

jrshankill2072d ago

Pro is naturally a cheaper and more underpowered console.

And seeing as no new games take proper advantage of Pro.. it should be dropped drastically

Skankinruby2072d ago

Arrogant much? Especially since your giving praise towards a console that is still merely speculation. I guess there's nothing factual to boast about xbox so you need to grasp to jabs like that.

RommyReigns2072d ago

Retailers in the UK have already been putting PS4's in bundles from £230 to as low as £199. If the Pro drops price to £249 I'm definitely going to get one and move my OG C Chassis PS4 to the bedroom.

ocelot072072d ago

I all ready have a Pro my self. I plan on getting a PSVR around Christmas time. I just don't have the room for it where my PS4 Pro and other consoles are now. However, I do want to get a second PS4 for my bedroom and use the VR there.

My plan was to buy a slim (£160) in CEX second hand and use my VR with that. But if they do lower the Pro to £250 then ill just buy one of them.

Visceral892073d ago

I think either the new God of War or Days Gone will come out at the end of THIS year.......Hopefully

sk8ofmnd2073d ago

God of war games have been known historically to release in march... Just saying

RosweeSon2073d ago

I don't know why but I was thinking March anyway, prob cause this year is rammed and my backlog is still massive Haha.

andrewsquall2073d ago

Spider-man will be far more likely given Insomniac Game's speedy development cycle plus this game being in development since mid to late 2015. Maybe even Detroit Become Human because when Beyond was shown at E3 2012 it launched a year and a half later. Detroit debuted at the Paris Event thingie at the end of 2015 so that could be nearly ready for release.

MrSec842073d ago

Spidey's been in development since Sunset Overdrive released, that was October 2014, though it went gold late September if memory serves me right.
Spider-man looked great at E3 and the Pro's reveal.

It's also a franchise that carries huge weight, Fall 2017 release seems very likely at this point in time.

DarXyde2073d ago

I would only cast doubt on this because, historically, I don't think Sony likes to release exclusive titles in the latter half of the year. I assume they do that to give their own studios and their third party partners breathing room for big releases.

That said, if Detroit and Spider-Man release this year, that might be it. Otherwise, there might be too much going on in Q4 and that doesn't seem like their style.

jrshankill2072d ago

No faith in a good Spider-Man game. Spidey 2 and ultimate spidey were good.. but that was 2 gens ago.

MrSec842073d ago

Spidey will have been in development for 3 years by late September 2017, it's pretty likely that could come out in October this year.

GoW's had anywhere from 3 to 4 years by that time, tbh both it and Spider-Man are well established franchises that can stand out from the crowd of major multiplats, along with GT Sport this would give Sony a huge Holiday season, backed by their marketing deals, great bundles and likely price cuts for PS4 Slim and Pro.
Knack 2 isn't a massive deal, but it will offer something unique, along with with what sounds like many improvements in the right places over it's predecessor.

I think Days Gone, Detroit and Dreams will be Sony's Q1-2 2018 lineup, because they're new IPs, but to be fair all of the games I've mentioned in this post have been in the works long enough to potentially release this Fall, it just seems logical Sony would want to put established franchises in among the other heavy hitting multiplats and give their unproven franchises breathing room, where fewer Juggernauts land.

DigitalRaptor2072d ago

God of War will be March.

Days Gone I think will be February. It will get a blowout at E3, and it needs a bit more time for marketing.

If anything, we'll get Detroit: Become Human and Spider-Man this year.

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