Amazing Games You Can't Play Anymore

These incredible games can no longer be purchased or downloaded in any form. Did you play them while they were available?

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Goldby1600d ago

if you've already downloaded P.T. you can redownload it using a 3rd party app. the game istelf is still stored on the servers, i downloaded it last week again

Artemidorus1599d ago

P.T is not a game, more like a demonstration

Goldby1599d ago

It's a teaser. Just not for silent hills

DasTier1599d ago

Wish I could experienced more of Age of Empires online and LoZ: Four Swords Anniversary.

Princess_Pilfer1599d ago

This article is wrong about basically everything.
Halo 2 has private fan servers.
MvC2 physical copies still exsist and the game is easy to emulate.
Zelda can be emulated
If you already have Scott Pilgrim you can still play it, it can also be emulated.
Phantasy Star Online has private fan servers
There are still Afterburner arcade machines around, it wasn't removed from you system if you bought it, and it can also be emulated.
Dolphin will let you emulate Mario Cart and play online.
Just checked. Outrun is still on my 360, and you can emulate the PS3 version.

I think City of Heros is the only game on this list you legitimately cannot play right now, as people haven't succeeded in reverse engineering the client to get private servers up and running.