No Online Support For Guitar Hero II

It seems that GamePro is reporting that there will be no Xbox Live support when Guitar Hero II for Xbox 360 hits retail this March. That would have been one feature that would have made the Xbox 360 version the must-have version in comparison to the PS2.

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nice_cuppa5227d ago

are they crap developers or are they holding it back so they can sell gh 3 in the holiday season now with online play ??????????

Fuzz McDeath5227d ago

People, just read the original source article on GamePro - don't read the misleading summary here, or the misleading "article" at I honestly don't think the "authors" on these sites even read the article either. All it says is at release, no multiplayer over live - which they spin into no LIVE support at all. Here is a quote from the original article:

"Through Xbox Live you'll now be able to download new themes for the Xbox 360 dashboard, picture packs for your profile, get ranked on global leaderboards, or purchase a number of new songs and jam packs that will be available to download. Talk about lengthening product life. Multiplayer, however, is still limited to offline only, but Coop, Face-off, and Pro Face-off return on the Xbox 360 version....Essentially, GHII on the Xbox 360 is the same game we've all played on the PS2. But, the added level of depth and unlimited replay value through achievements and downloadable content make GHII: Xbox 360 the ultimate version to own."

Either pull the article or change the headline to read "No Online Multiplayer for 360 Version of GH2 at Launch".

Lying bastards....

dantesparda5227d ago (Edited 5227d ago )

Actually thats what it says to me, "no multiplayer online"

BB5227d ago

Fuzz, how am I a lying bastard? No online support means no multi-player to me. If you take it as no online support meaning no theme packs, picture packs, updates via Live, then you are the one who is taking the headline the wrong way. There is nothing wrong with the article or the headline, once again, your the one with the problem.

Wilhiem5226d ago

People need to be specific about stories like this. First off I don't think news4gamers would appreciate if I used this same logic by telling my friends to go to news4gamers at do you? With your logic "To me news4gamers means 1up".

That's just silly.

Making statements like yours wastes peoples time and misleads them.

dantesparda5225d ago

So what youre saying is that your brain cant figure it out? Damn! whew! you got a problem then, when i read that headline i already knew what they meant, but i guess you didnt

Wilhiem5225d ago (Edited 5225d ago )

Dear Mr. Dantesparda. You are correct. I must be flawed. You are obviously also brilliant. My apologies.


P.S. Also according to the above logic Brilliant means obtuse. LOL


dantesparda5224d ago

Wow! arent you smart, but i guess that i shouldnt be surprised that you would understand what the word "obtuse" means

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Boink5227d ago

no online multiplayer does take away from what I was expecting.

stil will probably buy it, but some guitar dueling would have been great:)

Ravenator5295227d ago

but for some reason, they turn a deaf ear to the gaming public.

We have been calling for online multiplayer since the first Guitar Hero was released on day one!

Now you have a format like "live" and you still don't incorporate any sort of online multiplayer? Why?

It just doesn't make any sense to me.

OC_MurphysLaw5227d ago

I know it won't support it now...but maybe GH3 will. I just have to think that online multiplayer with the vision camera would be a hoot!

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