Dragon Quest X for PS4 and Nintendo Switch Gets First Screenshots, Box Art; Requires 24 GB on Switch

The PS4 and Nintendo Switch version of Dragon Quest X now have a box art and screenshots, alongside storage requirements on Switch.

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Nyxus1248d ago

No game card in the Switch version? I hope this doesn't become a trend.

Godmars2901248d ago

Can't really afford it.

Can't/shouldn't be asking owners to absorb the costs of further using/keeping their console, because many might not.

GameBoyColor1248d ago

This game has a sub, they can afford it but it being an mmo makes sense not to go physical.

yomfweeee1248d ago

If owners chose to buy a system with terrible storage, then it is on them to pay for more.

FallenAngel19841248d ago

No physical option on NS that sucks, not to mention the download will take up most of its internal storage anyway

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1248d ago

People can use external storage.
It not hard.

FallenAngel19841248d ago

It's still an additional purchase, no denying that

GrubsterBeater1248d ago (Edited 1248d ago )

That's why you spend the 50 bucks on a 128GB SD card. I grabbed 2 of them so I never have to worry.

I get that you shouldn't have to pay to have decent storage space in the first place, but it definitely solves the issue. I also am thankful they didn't go the route of proprietary SD cards like Vita that were insanely expensive.

slasaru011248d ago

128 GB is still too little. 5 games like DQ10 and gone

superchiller1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

It's really sad that you have to make excuses and run damage control for the poor design decisions made by Nintendo, found in the Switch. I have a 2tb internal drive in my PS4, the tiny 128gb cards you got just show how little thought Nintendo put into the Switch. With only a pitiful 32gb of internal storage, the handheld just wasn't built for the future at all. 128gb cards are fine for small indie games, but entirely inadequate for any larger AAA (or even AA) games.

XanderZane1247d ago

This sucks. Where is the US versions? I wouldn't even waste my time on the Switch version. What a joke.

FallenAngel19841247d ago

@ Grub

I could easily spend $50 and get a 1TB external HDD, something that NS doesn't even support. Hell for the $100 you spend just to get two separate 128GB SD cards, I spent $110 and got a 4TB external HDD.

It's one thing for Nintendo to basically require its users to buy a separate form of expandable storage, it's another to limit the type of external storage options they can use.

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porkChop1248d ago

If you're not going to release the game on a cart then don't even bother with a physical release. Just do digital only since that's basically what you're doing anyway.

yomfweeee1248d ago

But Nintendo has discovered that morons will pay for box art.

davand1141248d ago

Do they make physical releases for mmo's?

GameBoyColor1248d ago

They are drm discs basically. In ffxiv's case you only need to put the disc in once and then throw it away, so i expect this to be the same.

Jmanzare1248d ago

Huge design flaw especially with no external hard drive support

Jmanzare1248d ago

So how many will you need if this trend continues

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1248d ago

Not much because you're talking about Japanese games not Western games which goes beyond 30-100GB for single game that less than 20 hours where Japanese games are 10-200 hours or more less than 25GB.

And what trend? No trend has even started.

Jmanzare1248d ago

you're right it's not a trend but it could become one. Games are only getting bigger

phoenixwing1248d ago

enough about people complaining about the switch version. I just want to know if they'll ever make a western release for the ps4 version

Vhampir1248d ago (Edited 1248d ago )

If you can get hundreds of thousands of people to agree to buy and pay the subscription fee, they may release it. This is a 5 year old MMORPG with 3 expansions. It's also targeted at Japanese children. Do you see any western children clamoring for Dragon Quest? DQVIII is the best selling DQ game in the west, and it only sold a little over 500k. While it sold almost 5 million in Japan. They have to setup servers, billing, and hire a team to translate it. Do you honestly think it'd be worth it to them?

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