Phil Spencer: Xbox Game Pass strong early signups

Phil Spencer tweets: "I'm glad you like it.  Just the start but the early signups and feedback have been really strong, thanks for that.”

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XiNatsuDragnel507d ago

Okay cool stuff now can you determine how strong which is vague, and have infinite implications.

vega275507d ago

Probably the same implications as when sony said the ps4 pro and psvr sales was strong

bluefox755506d ago

So, in other words, vague and inconclusive? I assume you meant to take a shot at Sony, but I'm not sure you meant that shot to double for Microsoft.

506d ago
JasonKCK507d ago (Edited 507d ago )

How is strong vague? It's not weak or mediocre.

XiNatsuDragnel507d ago

I'm saying it's vague, because it doesn't accurately represent. It's a placeholder for example a more accurate statement would be " Xbox game pass has great impression, with strong early sign up and there is # amount of ppl on the service." That's why I'm saying.

Every companies does this type of language to build excitement, and present a reason to join. So don't you worry I'm not targeting MS here. I said this to explain why I said this.

XiNatsuDragnel507d ago

Implication are Strongly mediocre, strongly weak, strong impact etc...

JasonKCK507d ago

"So don't you worry I'm not targeting MS here"

Yes you are

nX506d ago

In the marketing world "strong" is way below amazing, incredible, overwhelming, etc.

XiNatsuDragnel506d ago


Apparently you're quite uninformed about something me targeting MS? Lol
Do I need reexplain myself again....

Strong is a vague term, that's used in every company to gather hype.

Sigh stupidity.

jmetalhead77812506d ago

@ Xi

Strongly mediocre? Lol! That may be a first

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BigWan78506d ago (Edited 506d ago )


doesnt matter what the concrete number is on signups

what matters is microsoft/xbox gets to call all those devs/publishers who have a game on the service and say, we got some $$$ to send out to you...

Aceman18506d ago

Personally I'd rather just buy the physical copy of the game(s) at least i know when i don't have money i can still play the games that i own.

BigWan78506d ago

Devs/Pubs dont get to see any revenue in used games.

Game Pass allows 3rd party developers to make money from the rental service and if they elect to buy the game digitally devs also get a cut of that as well

Aceman18506d ago


I always buy my games new because i like having a collection of games. So they get a cut of my purchase. Not big on rental services for my games.

donthate506d ago (Edited 506d ago )

Well, you don't buy all the games in Xbox Game Pass, do you?

It is a way for you to try out lots of games, if you like it enough, you can keep playing. If you want to ensure you can access it when you are poor, then you can buy the game at a discount. in reality though, if you buy 2 new game releases a year, it's already the price of Xbox Game Pass, so it is a very low cost way of getting access to lots of games given that you don't want the latest and greatest.

At least this type of service is an option (unlike on Playstation where they don't think EA Access is good value), and if you don't like it you can choose to ignore it and do it the way you always done.

Aceman18506d ago


I understand what your saying, but im not big on digital (as i only have destiny and mafia 3) on my ps4 the rest of my games are physical. I will always choose that over digital, also i already know the games i will buy when they're released.

So if MS E3 can convince me to repurchase the console (slim) i highly doubt i would sign up for this service because i love collecting physical copies of games.

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Derceto506d ago

So basically, it under performed. Who comes out with such vague wording to praise performance of something they just released?

XMarkstheSpot506d ago

So basically, your just talking out of your A.

506d ago
richyque506d ago

Xbox and especially nintendo love using vague wordings when it comes to games and sales.

KwietStorm506d ago

If the very fact that his statement on a new service or product having strong early numbers is vague and unheard of to you, I think you haven't read any pr statements from any company on the planet over the last decade.

aconnellan506d ago

Well, Microsoft does, for one. And so does Sony:

"The sales of Pro are stronger than that of Slim, as we see it"

Vague wording doesn't mean anything, put your agenda away


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TheColbertinator506d ago

Perhaps we can get a yearly plan price like EA Access. I'd keep it then.

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