Opinion: Grand Theft Auto IV Could Save Games for Windows

The PC -- once the gold standard for videogaming enthusiasts -- has fallen from grace. As each successive console generation provides gamers with options that are more affordable and (most importantly) provide a simpler, pick-up-and-play experience, game developers are encountering fewer reasons to support the beleaguered PC platform.

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DevastationEve3724d ago

Microsoft took a big stance in the PC gaming world. But it takes more than just a sticker you can place on the box that shows you're inline with Microsoft. Nvidia hasn't had much success with the "Play the Game the Way it Was Meant to be Played" campaign. I'll admit that Ruby has helped ATI's image, and they've been consistent with keeping her updated. But Games for Windows is going to need more than just an image. It needs a purpose.

yamamoto1143723d ago


Step 1: Games for Windows - LIVE
Step 2: ???
Step 3: Profit

That sums up its purpose.

JohnnyMann4203723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

" The PC -- once the gold standard for videogaming enthusiasts -- has fallen from grace."


Consoles have always bested PC when it comes to gaming as a whole.

I love PC Gaming, but I am not going to deny consoles being in the limelight since at least NES.

Anyways, what about all of the PC Gamers out there? Tell this to people playing WoW, The Sims and other breeding grounds for hardcore PC Gamers.

Articles like this are so pointless.

GTA IV will NOT be the "Savior" to PC Gaming....thats just stupid and PC Gaming aint dead to begin with.

Software_Lover3723d ago

What does it need saving from? I play all my pc games on windows, LOL

Djomblade13723d ago

Ill probably catch hell for this but... I believe PC's are great for everything EXCEPT gaming.

picker3323723d ago


ye pc isn't better then console when it comes to gaming.

But the most people that play they usually play games like wow or some boring steam game.

Plus you get more greedy with pc games becouse you can just download it,somehow you appreciate games more when you have paid for it.