Beware the DS pirates on eBay

With the downfall of Hong Kong-based games importer, Lik Sang, many European gamers increasingly have to rely on the Wild West environment that is eBay. But with so many fakes out there how do you tell them apart from the real thing?

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MicroGamer5226d ago

that anyone buying games on ebay really cares if it came from a Nintendo factory or not?? If people can get a $40 game for $10, they'll buy it and only complain if it doesn't work. That's what Paypal protection is for.

DonSqueak5226d ago

What about Who needs an Hong Kong based importer anyway?

I agree with MicroGamer that mostly the eBay-kind of people takes it as irrelevant if they get a fake game. That, or they're blessed with ignorance as to how the cheaper prices come about.