Microsoft compliments Wii once more

Stuff Magazine - What do you think of the Wii? Do you agree there's a lack of fun, wacky 360 games?

Neil Thomson, head of Xbox UK - I really like what Nintendo are doing with the Wii, especially as it should bring in new gamers.

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OutLaw6310d ago

Enough with the compliments.

achira6309d ago

i ask myself why ms mens do that ??? i know the wii will be good at least better than the xbox360. so why do they say that the wii is good? i am not going to buy a xbox360 when he says the wii is good.

Schmitty076310d ago

They want to be all nice to Nintendo, so they can buy them out next generation.

Bill Nye6309d ago (Edited 6309d ago )

MS is just a little more covert with their arrogant remarks. And yes, that's what this is: arrogance. They feel Nintendo isn't a threat.

I wouldn't mind seeing Wii dominate this holiday season just to get MS and Sony executives to shut their big mouths.

OutLaw6309d ago

I already have a 360 so I'm not worried about that. But I do agree, I hope Nintendo (being the underdog in this race) comes out on top. It's weird. I have been playing video game systems for along time and when Nintendo came out I never imagine another company taking them on and Sega not making video game systems anymore. Maybe Apple will surprise us with a system oneday.

GrimFang46309d ago

Is this what we bring as news? The ONLY thing they said was "I really like what Nintendo are doing with the Wii, especially as it should bring in new gamers". One sentence out of a full interview... I think they're sucking up to Nintendo and trying to cause disillusioned PS3 fans, but this news article says next to nothing about the topic.

Gh0stDrag0n6309d ago

Think about it............If the Wii brings people in who would not normally be into gaming, There will be that many more gamers who might buy a system or two next generation. I think Microsoft sees something bigger in the Wii. Even though both consoles (360 and Wii) play games, each has something differant on the table. At the Wii price of the Wii (pun intended) alot of people will own it. And if Nintendo and Microsoft have nothing but good things to say about eachother, how will the consumer react? Buy both?................

achira6309d ago

you are very naiv. all ms wants is consumers buying their console.

Gh0stDrag0n6309d ago

Have you even tried the 360? Go ahead it might be fun.
Isn't selling more of your product what it's all about?
Personally I'll own all 3, how about you?


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