Japanese PS3s: Getting FW1.5!

FW1.5, which will be out on the 24th, will add new payment options for use with the PlayStation Store, among other things. On the payment side, the PS3 will soon allow for "Edy" system payments. This form of e-money requires an IC Reader/Writer though, which limits its use to people who own the hardware that supports Edy currency and know how to connect their readers to the PS3.

The update also includes Korean language support for keyboard inputs and more PS1 and PS2 games on their list of compatible titles. For most of us, the big news will definitely come in the form of an updated compatibility list, so we'll keep checking for the update when it's out. In the meantime, sit tight, and let's see what the US firmware update will be like once someone from Sony America tells us what's up.

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testerg355229d ago

So they worked out more ways for epayments, but haven't fixed any of the scaling issues of BD and games.

Locked135229d ago

They should work on better multitasking, like being able to do something, anything, while downloading content. They should let you play your music while playing games or just whenever you do anything besides surfing the web, there should be a better music organizer as mine keeps on getting jumbled and mixed up, scaling issues, and that new 3D photo viewer that was shown.
Keep working Sony.