Rumor: PSP Firmware 5.0 Brings PSN Access, Text Support In RSS Reader

If a report from French site PSPGen is to be believed, PSP firmware 5.0 will bring direct PSN access as well as an updated RSS reader capable of reading of text-based articles.

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Cajun Chicken3672d ago

Jeez! I haven't updated my PSP for ages!

The only thing I'm worried about is battery power; the more the WLAN is on, the more power is used!
So you can actually mainly use the WLAN best when plugged in. Which makes the PSP incredibly hot sometimes.
This really has to be sorted.

Bear in mind; I have a PSP 'Phat'.

dericb113672d ago

Yes true but if you are using the Wifi Store then should be near a place to use your charger. I do think this would be nice since it opens things up for the system and shows they are going full out download titles. Now a bigger memory format that is not to expensive.

zo6_lover273672d ago

I haven't updated mine lately either

The slim doesn't get as hot as the Fat.
I have a Slim and Fat, I busted the screen the the fat :P

gta_cb3672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

i agree with what your saying but also agree with Cajun Chicken this is because where i live we have an open broadband connection all over the city to use free of charge =) so with this in mind i doubt the near by shops would allow me to quickly get some charge into my PSP (phat aswell) when im running low on power lol

as for this rumour i hope its true =)

dericb113672d ago

Im not disagreeing with him I just am saying some places will have a place to charge it. I have a phat too and I keep the charger in the car. I guess I am saying we are right in different ways but the main point is that thing eat battery power fairly quick.

PeterGriffinSays3672d ago


Nah, but for real, I haven't updated my PSP in ages either. Are all PSP owners, including me, forgetting about their PSP? Sony needs to get more support for it.

When an update for PS3 drops, EVERYBODY updates, but PSP...not so much.

xplosneer3672d ago

We're only at 4.05 right now anyways :D

micro_invader3672d ago

I kind of agree with you. I'm at least two updates behind on my psp but the only reason that all ps3 owners keep up to date is because they have to or else they can't play online.

TheMART3672d ago

I have an extra external batterypack that one can charge and take with to charge the PSP itself. Got it for 5 bucks in a special offer section in the hardware store. Its great, not big, but it has a very good battery life and it keeps my PSP going for another 20 hours or so.

whoelse3672d ago

I remember this same site saying there would be loads of stuff in 4.0 (cant remember what exactly) and they never happened.

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BlackMist3672d ago

you know what i want?

better games, more features are not an excuse for crappy game support.

xplosneer3672d ago

However, this will lead to better games because of a complete online standard system. Some games that might not have online will, and games that would already have it make it better. HOWEVER, seeing the memory restriction, I think this could probably only be coming to Slim models :(

I agree though, the Patapon's and GOW's for PSP are few and far between sometimes.

Theoneneo813672d ago

i havent had a psp in a while but im seriously considering geting a new one now that i have a ps3 and if i get my friends list and psn store this could be huge.

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