Disaster: Day of Crisis - Intense Shootout Gameplay Footage

Hit the jump to check out gameplay footage from Disaster: Day of Crisis of an intense shootout.

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Gamer luv3675d ago

Reminds me of Time Crisis.

Looks like fun.
I hope it controlls better then it looks tho..

jofra013675d ago

All people who imported it say that the light gun control thing is really good and that it is similar to Time Crisis.

I just wish Nintendo gave this game some more hype

Gamer luv3675d ago

Maybe they cud release a holder that makes it look like a gun?
Like they did with the racing wheel?
(Inless there already is one, im not a huge fan of Wii.)

jofra013675d ago

They have released something like that called WiiZapper but that won't be compatible with the game and there are heaps of 3rd party plastic guns.

The game isn't all shooting though as you also have to avoid natural disasters and rescue people in tight situations.

TheColbertinator3675d ago

Looks amazing.Hopefully the NA release date is announced for this year

jorgeanaya0003675d ago

The game looks better than the last time I saw it. Hopefully it comes.

Splenda143675d ago

if all the gameplay elements are fun then it could work

jofra013675d ago

They are all meant to be fun except for the driving which most have complained about ain't that fun.

MrWeymes3675d ago

..I could show Wii owners a pile of crap that doesn't come out for awhile, and they'll tell me how they're looking forward to it. This game looks like garbage compared to most PS2 games I've played. I seen a man disappear through a truck when he was shot, and the whole segment looked like Time Crisis, but worse. I watched other videos for the game, and the man ate a watermellon to recover health as he made his way through a horribly rendered building, running from an earthquake.

jofra013675d ago

Most Wii owners only care if the game itself is actually enjoyable and fun to play.

Snipes203675d ago

This is not the PS2 section that you seem to love so much. I don't know if you missed that or forgot that the open section is there for comments like you just made. Please stop bashing a game that others will enjoy. Thank you.

MrWeymes3675d ago

I own a PS2, a PS3, and an XBOX 360. My girlfriend owns a Wii. I've played Super Mario Galaxy, Zelda: Twilight Princess, Super Smash Bros Brawl, and Mario Kart Wii. I thought the games above were fun. The Wii isn't that bad, but I just feel like Wii owners will get excited for just about anything. Anytime I see a Wii game on N4G, there isn't one negative thing to be heard from Wii owners. I would like to play the Paper Mario on the Wii, and No More Heroes, but Disaster: Day of Crisis looks awful, and unpolished in my opinion. I predict an average of 6 when it comes to score.

Voiceofreason3675d ago

Wii owners get excited over anything but its the PS3 owners that have run around for 2 years calling any piece of garbage on the PS3 a AAA must own title from the day it is announced until it is released to lackluster sales and piss poor reviews.

Voiceofreason3674d ago

To the kids that disagreed. Did you forget HAze? Lair? Heavenly Sword? War Hawk? If any game is coming to PS3 you kids think its AAA must own. Tons of you talk about how awesome Killzone 2 will be. Based off how great Killzone 1 was? Hardly since it flopped. Disagree all you want but its Sony fans that get excited over any piece of garbage not Wii owners.

ChickeyCantor3674d ago

Ouch, VoiceofReason must have hold a big mirror in front of his face xD.

steveg25643674d ago

I don't know about you, Mr. Weymes. A few months back you were bragging on the Wii that you owned and now your "girlfriend" owns it and you're bashing it? I think you may want to get your identity straight, my friend.

N4g_null3674d ago

MrWeymes has a point there hold on guys!

"Anytime I see a Wii game on N4G, there isn't one negative thing to be heard from Wii owners."

We are not here to be critics we come here as gamers I think that's the big difference. This isn't the oscars or some pop award show we just want a fun game with pretty good graphics.

Me my self I like the whole idea that it switches to different types of games in mid game. Some times it's free roaming then it's a time crisis then it's a escape motion based game. That's not a bad idea actually and is actually pretty creative.

Being hardcore is more in how you play the games rather than how you view the games.

Oh yeah here is a hint lots of hype invites jealousy remember that. Enjoy your game and tell people off line about it or show it to them that way it will sell more units.

Another thing is if your girl friend ever got mega man 9 and got good at it that would be shameful to me because I'm sure she would out play you which would be pretty embarrassing if you ask me. Hey if you let your girl friend fill her wii up with girlie games then that's going to be your problem. You better get in there and get some manly games quick. When conduit comes out and all you have are girlie games your going to look sort of lame you know... hey but maybe your friend don't come over much?

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