GRAW 2 demo inbound...

Expect to sling on your goggles, reload your firearms and refresh your cross-com skills in an all new GRAW 2 demo - due to land on Xbox Live by this months end... if sources close to the production of the title are to be believed.

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shikwan5427d ago

I hope it's multiplayer!!!!

dantesparda5427d ago

Yuck! im sorry but i dont, i hope that its a single player campaign. Cuz honestly, im getting sick of a lot of these online games. Now people, this is just my opinion, so it doesnt mean that online sucks. Just that to me, alot of them do.
But i like this game and hope this rumor is true. And this one looks alot better

MrFurious5427d ago

Again and again same type of games, pfewww fed up with those FPS killing poor people, how many games we will get of those types? All these are bullshit and just impulsing will of govts...
Keep your brain thinking and do not play cow

Marriot VP5427d ago

haha, govts???

Down with the machine, right?

MrFurious5427d ago

What I meant is still not enough with what's happening in real world? with all those conflicts because of one state dictating his rule of orders to the rest of the world.
I mean when I buy games I buy things that will make me really enjoy and have fun with it, and not killing as we see on daily basis poor Irakis or Arabs being shot and blown because of Bush's & co policy, that's it.

candystop5427d ago

1st of all this is a 3rd person shooter and not a 1st person and even if it were a FPS I would still want to play it because theres nothing wrong with FPS's! This game looks good and has some crazy looking explosions so im definitely picking this one up at launch!

dantesparda5427d ago (Edited 5427d ago )

He doesnt like FPS, that's all, and you do. You dont have to slam him over that. And i think its highly commendable that he is taking a stance against voilence/war. But my only problem with this, is that its only a game, its not real, and you shouldnt take it so seriously.

power of Green 5427d ago

It's not a FPS; all he has to do is not buy it. Comming in yelling like a Chimp swinging around in here thrashing sh*t is DUMB.

MrFurious5427d ago

WHAT I AM SAYING IS SIMPLY: THERE ARE TOO MUCH OF THEM ! That's all and do not worry about me guys, I have a fantastic life I would never regret!
But choice is free and we are free to choose, and Raibow Six, Ghost Recon, Counter strike and co...pfff fed up, I prefer complicated scenarios...I mean we should be more critisize against what is happening in our world and really be worry about our children's future...personnal, it is too much ideology minded and oriented, as we have always our minds been submerged with so much disasters and wars..that's all folks, but do not get confused I am not depressed guy and I still believe in life, and I play nice games ;-)

dantesparda5426d ago (Edited 5426d ago )

You trash Sony things all the time, so does that make you a chimp? I swear you are one of the biggest, most ignorant, and arrogant (and also always like to play victim) idiots on this site. So shut it, cuz you just spit hypocrisy

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Darth Gamer5427d ago

one of my favorite games last year and this one looks to be even better. March could'nt come soon enough!

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