Square Enix wants Hitman IP to continue

The president of Square Enix, Yosuke Matsuda, confirms that they are negotiating with external investors to guarantee the future of the Hitman license.

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DedicatedDark2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

Seriously dude! Are you here just to hijack the upper spot? If you have no worthwhile opinion then go to a corner and stay there, let someone else be heard instead.

DashArrivals2616d ago

Interesting reply lol

I've never played a Hitman game. Should I buy this game? What are these games like?
Do you just walk around a sand box looking for your target?

2615d ago
rainslacker2615d ago

What's interesting about it?

I've been thinking the same as dedicated reading through the articles the last couple days.

Your "interesting" comment is about as lame as the people who used to say "first" on forums. It offers up nothing worthwhile, and there is nothing there worthy of discussion.

How about everyone else stop replying to this "interesting" 1st post in every article, and just skip to the 2nd comment which may actually have something worthy of discussion....or at the very least, start some console war back and forth.

-Foxtrot2616d ago

Wouldn't have to do that if they just did a full on Hitman game instead of their stupid episode model.

freshslicepizza2616d ago

You would just move to complaining about online being attached to it. Funny how anyone would complain about episodic model when they can just wait if they wish.

-Foxtrot2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

Every god damn reply from you is basically

"YOU would" this and "YOU would that"

Can you just stop bitching about someone and talk about the god damn article for once. Least with my shit I talk about what's being said within the industry and not having a whine about some user thousands of miles away for not having the same opinion. No one cares man.


guyman2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

Jeezus when are you going to do everyone a favour and delete your account already? Im sure i speak on behalf of 90% of this site when i say you're just an annoying pest. Every comment you make is like listening to nails against a chalkboard.

jznrpg2616d ago

You would just somehow blame Sony for issues that Hitman has.

Krysis2616d ago

@Foxtrot to be fair you are just as annoying as he is, and just as big of a fanboy. I see some of your childish ridiculous posts. You 2 are peas in a pod

-Foxtrot2615d ago


Annoying? How...I don't bug anyone like him.

I say my peace on my own little post and don't bite peoples heads off for having a different opinion them me unless it's a beyond retarded comment.

So don't compare me to him...ever.

*joined 75 days ago*

Yeah you know me so well...

freshslicepizza2615d ago

"Annoying? How...I don't bug anyone like him."

By posting in a half empty glass persona. Not once have you ever even admitted this even after the countless accusations from many others. Why?

"I say my peace on my own little post and don't bite peoples heads off for having a different opinion them me unless it's a beyond retarded comment."

Not entirely true, you have created a persona to view things in a negative skew. Everuone but you seesm to acknowledge this, why? Again you will never answer.

"*joined 75 days ago*"

And yet you tell me to stay on topic. The fact is Hitman is a great game you and many others keep bypassing because of the way it was released and because you guys are so adament against online enabled single player games.

_-EDMIX-_2615d ago

@Fox- Relax bud.

Trust me, I don't care for Moldy either, but no reason to disrespect.

Keep it on topic and stop making it so personal. You of all people smh.

Relax on the profanity and grow up. I don't like the dude either, but I don't see any reason to be acting this way based on his post.

No need to take it that far.

Its really not that serious

rainslacker2615d ago (Edited 2615d ago )

Fox may be overly cynical most of the time, but at least he backs up his opinions and cynicism with actual discussion.

He will also concede to other opinions if you make a good argument to convince him he may be wrong, or may not be taking everything into account.

What I notice, is that he just doesn't spend as much time on topics which he isn't that upset about. He likes to vent, but like most of us, he likes to vent his frustrations in the forums.

I don't always agree with him, and at times, do think he is a bit harsh in his criticisms, but if you actually try to discuss, he will discuss back with mostly logical statements, even if at times I find that logic misplaced, although some times it is placed properly.

That's can be good discussion if you're willing to try to see his argument, and can actually make you see things in a different light. I wish more people around here would do that.

I argue and discuss often with Fox, but I don't find him to be a bane on the community, because at least he's consistent with his criticism.

freshslicepizza2615d ago (Edited 2615d ago )

"Fox may be overly cynical most of the time, but at least he backs up his opinions and cynicism with actual discussion."

No he doesn't. For example on the movie forum he whined about how Tom Holland looked too young to play Spiderman. Excuse me? Peter Parker is a kid, i told him as did others. He did a stand up job in Avengers. He whined about Mad Max not being traditional enough, the movie turned out to be awesome but he wanted to argue about how it's not a true Mad Max film.

Everything there is always a problem and when there is something that is excellent and nothing to really complain about he just doesn't post. Cynical isn't even on the same roadmap. I have asked him repeatedly to name 5 games that he enjoys since not once has he ever said anything completely positive about any game without something they could have done better.

Bottom line is Hitman turned out to be a great game and people like him will never give it a chance because it was episodic or had online enabled. He doesn't think developers should have an online requirement for single player driven games but the developers have said time and again why they chose it that way. You think he listens? Yeah, sure.

"at least he's consistent with his criticism."

You're right about that.

pinkcrocodile752615d ago (Edited 2615d ago )

@moldybread, seems Foxtrot has a squirrel up his arse over delivery. Episodic release worked really well as the game had not only multi episode release an exposure but also a season 1 release which was brilliant, money all round.

I would love to see IO Interactive bought by Microsoft. I think they could flourish.

@guyman - Jevus (thought I'd misspell it too for fun) why don't you stop moaning, delete your account and play hitman so we don't have to listen to you anymore?

I'm sure you'd tell me to go FFFF myself, and hopefully @moldybread tells you to go FFFF yourself too

rainslacker2614d ago

I know several people here who only post when they don't like something. I don't follow every single one of his comments, so maybe he doesn't do what I said in every instance, but I know I've had some decent conversations with him when I actually address his argument with a different take and do so in a manner which is mostly respectful.

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ShottyatLaw2616d ago

No, no, no. It's great that we get the choice to play it in episodes or all at once after all episodes release!

Can't wait for Season 2!

Oh, wait...

andrewsquall2616d ago

"Episodes". I call them levels. Its six levels so far and now nothing. Thanks to everybody who paid for six levels so to date, to all the other Hitman fans who were waiting for a complete game, screw all of you. :D

freshslicepizza2616d ago

"Can you just stop bitching about..."

Now that is hilarious coming from you.

"and talk about the god damn article for once"

I have many times and you along with others have ignored that and want to keep the discussion about online ebing enabled and how it was released instead of what's important. Which is, is it fun? This has become a common theme with you, you ignore that simple fact and want to view things from your pessimistic views ON EVERYTHING.

Hitman is fantastic and you refuse to support it just because.

2616d ago
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andrewsquall2616d ago

Same here Fox, never supported this "episode" release approach for this type of game. How the studio had the balls to get up on stage at E3 2015 and say they were releasing a new Hitman "GAME" at the end of 2015 I will never know. It went from being delayed, to releasing a Hitman "game" 6 months later now with only TWO levels with another 4 to eventually follow.

Its a pure disgrace to the franchise. What the hell happened??? Hopefully its fans like us not touching it that made it fail so hard. But its normal now for somebody like Moldy, so desperate for games, to defend even the most mundane 3rd party releases as the greatest thing ever.

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_-EDMIX-_2615d ago

Well, Hitman can be bought on disk right now soooooo yea.

I think it might have to do with Hitman being not as good as the other Hitman games.

-Foxtrot2615d ago

"No need to take it that far"
"Grow Up"
"but no reason to disrespect"

I find it absolutely hilarious you direct this at me above when he's the one who targeted me first...why don't you direct this at him since he replied to me first. Not like I replied to him for no reason and went ape shit on him like he did to me

Jesus man... ¬¬

_-EDMIX-_2615d ago

@fox- yes fox, but you control your actions.

Doesn't really justify such a reply.

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S-Word2616d ago

Next up, they'll be wanting the Final Fantasy IP to continue after they ruin the FF7 remake.

InKnight7s2616d ago

Maybe only ffvii remake will hold to being episodic and I mean being 3 episodes like the 3 discs.

andrewsquall2616d ago

Its being called 3 episodes the same way FFXIII is 3 "episodes" i.e 3 separate releases.