NieR: Automata Sold "Significantly Above" Plans; Square Enix has "Aggressive" Plans for the West

Square Enix CEO Yosuke Matsuda reveals that Yoko Taro's NieR: Automata did much better than expected, and talks about plans for the future.

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bouzebbal2615d ago

Great games released on the right console sell well.
Good to hear, this game is a must have.

Darkfist_Flames2615d ago

"Great games released on the right console sell well"
Too bad many people still dont understand that.

BLizardXD2615d ago

"Great games released on the right console sell well. "
It's also pretty popular on pc too, same with bayonetta. sega confirmed.

kent800820072615d ago

Thanks for reminding me about bayonetta 2... sigh :(

XanderZane2613d ago

They should have released it on the XB1 as well. The original Nier was on the XBox 360 as well. They could have sold a whole lot more units. If it sold well on the PC and it would have sold more on the XB1.

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IamTylerDurden12615d ago

Seems like nearly everyone is approaching this bs games as a service model nowadays. This is a scary thing for our industry, i'm glad Sony isn't talking about this nonsense. God of War, Bloodborne 2, Spiderman, Days Gone, Detroit, Wild, Hellblade, Nex Machina, Wipeout, Crash, Ni No Kuni 2, Hob, Golem, Lost Legacy, TLoU 2.

SaveFerris2616d ago

I think 2B was a significant factor in the success of the Nier: Automata.

I hope SE don't focus too much on 'Games as a service'. I suspect many gamers, especially SE fans, could be turned off by this. It isn't my cup of tea.

Teflon022615d ago

This game is successful because the game is amazing. Think about it, the game got MAINSTREAM attention. That was based off gameplay, it's extremely rare for a Japanese Anime and manga stylized character to gain such popularity outside japan just because of a look. Otherwise characters like Kat would be much more popular (mind you she is loved by 90% of people who like gravity rush, but that's also partially her great personality, hard to hate).

Paytaa2615d ago

I bought it (although barely made any progress, damn you work and responsibilities) and I normally do not enjoy those anime/Japanese JRPG type of games, but this game just looks special and the mechanics are so cool.

I remember my friends and I watching Andromeda gameplay when it first came out and we pretty much trashed it and then the recommend video was NieR gameplay and one of my friends and myself just bought it because of how awesome and fresh it looked.

Flewid6382615d ago

You speak the truth sir.

joab7772615d ago

Think about how this year's biggest games include Nioh, Nier and Persona 5. Not too shabby! Played two of them, and can't wait for Nier.

jznrpg2615d ago

I would have bought Nier regardless of what the main character looked like

Kurdishcurse2615d ago

fanservice and good content are mutually exclusive. Thats just simplistic thinking.

X-232615d ago (Edited 2615d ago )

You're judging the game by the look of the character? Then that is your choice and lost ... everyone who has played Nier: Automata knows that it is a fantastic gem of a game and it has nothing to do with how 2B looks.

To be honest this is exactly how you can tell the difference between people who actually played the game and those who did not. Anyone who has ever said anything about the game; review article or otherwise, that focuses on the fact that 2B has an ass probably didn't play it to begin with and if they did they didn't play it very much.

I hope the games success shows Square Enix that little niche titles that they may think people won't be interested in, can actually do marvelous things in the end. Sony's fanbase has always been pretty open-minded when it comes to games.

Also hope this means they decide to get to work on the console port of Dissidia sometime soon.

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Derceto2615d ago

What a surprise. SquareEnix. Outsourced game. Sells above (even SE's stupid) sales expectations.

on_line_forever2615d ago

i hope square enix do a remake for VAGRANT STORY with same game play and combat in dark souls 3 and replace the idea of hitting enemy body parts ( head, hand , leg .. etc ) with the idea that we see in the surge .

it will be Awesome specially if they let from software and Miyazaki do this remake

Gamer4life132615d ago

I'm so glad that Japanese games are selling very well and are slowly but surely coming back to its fromer glory of becoming very popular around the world like it was doing the ps1 and ps2 days. Nier automata is a perfect example of a unique game that we haven't gotten in a very long time and something that I want more out of Japanese Devs. I mean really in my opinion when Japanese Devs were trying to make their games appeal to the western market they lost of what made the Japanese games unique of their own. That's just my opinion though.

LOGICWINS2615d ago

Yup. I was ready to pre-order Ni No Kuni 2 until I found out combat was real time instead of turn-based like the original.

Pokemon is the most popular game franchise on the planet and its turn based. Not sure why Japanese devs feel they need to make everything real time.

I feel obligated to buy Dark Rose Valkyrie in two weeks just so my voice can be heard.

joab7772615d ago

They are very similar. Neither is turn based.

Overload2615d ago

Ni No Kuni is not turn based.

cemelc2615d ago

Ni no kuni 1 is real time, what are you on about?

Overload2614d ago

??? That's what I said.

joethetimelord2614d ago

Just bought my copy a couple of days ago, and it really is a great experience. It's everything that made the first game great and more.

TC7312615d ago

Automata did soooooooo many things right. It's getting well-deserved praise. Truly feels like a "next-generation" game.

R6ex2615d ago

Yet, a couple of important things they did wrong:
1) Priced it so damn high that many like myself are staying away from it until pricing becomes reasonable
2) Region-locking it so badly that not only Asian regions get it 2 months late on Steam, there wasn't even any official word from SE when it will drop
3) Even months after release, PC gamers depend on an external FAR mode to play the game properly coz SE didn't release any patches but has the time to sell DLC.

IamTylerDurden12615d ago

Price? Umm it's a full retail release and it deserves to be. It's priced like any other new, full priced game.