NZGamer: BioShock PS3 Hands On

NZGamer writes: "So yeah, how about that delay? While you'd think most people who really wanted to play Bioshock would have done so by now, there are obviously enough out there who (gasp) don't own more than one console, and therefore haven't experienced this compelling tale of a failed utopia. So if you fall into that bracket, prepare for some thrills, frights, barrels of intrigue, and a couple of frustrations.

First thing's first: I hate compulsory installations. I play console games so I don't have to deal with the joys of installing programs onto my PC. Don't get me wrong, I'm an avid PC gamer – I just like to keep things separate, and consoles are supposed to represent ease of use. I stopped bothering to time the Bioshock installation time when it got over 10 minutes. Why can't more games be like Soul Calibur IV, which has an optional install button?"

The Good: Same gameplay, story; new Survivor mode.

The Bad: Some framerate stutters.

The Ugly: All of the bad guys, really.

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MrPink3672d ago

whats with all the loosers bying the game 10 minutes too late?