FIFA 18: Electronic Arts has entered into a partnership with Sony?

There is a lot of interest in a photo published by Polish YouTuber Oskar "Junajted" Siwiec, who was recently invited to a presentation behind closed doors for FIFA 18 which was held at the Allianz Arena, home of Bayern Monaco.

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UCForce1245d ago

Well, that's just like Activision switched partnerships from Xbox to PlayStation.

Overload1244d ago

I don't blame them (EA/Fifa), why would you want to align yourself with a struggling brand with no worldwide presence for a worldwide sport. All the big games are making the same choice.

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uptownsoul1244d ago (Edited 1244d ago )


You make a good point. And while lots of big games are making the same choice, it always seemed odd that FIFA, of all games, would market with Xbox in the first place. I get that EA & Microsoft are close, but FIFA is way bigger outside of the USA than it is in the USA & Xbox (with the exception of UK where it does fairly well) is almost the polar opposite.

sonarus1244d ago

I doubt it. This poster is probably only relevant in Europe where we all know the Xbox sells like poop. Dont be surprised to see FIFA 18 Xbox cover in US

YEP4141244d ago

Xbox never struggling!!!

Chris121244d ago (Edited 1244d ago )

Didn't take Overload long to spout his nonsense. One look at MS's balance sheet for the gaming division shows it isn't struggling. It will never overtake Sony in the market place but not selling as well does not equal struggling.

And what do marketing deals directly mean to gamers? Normally sweet FA. When Scorpio comes I'll sell the 'S' and it will sit very nicely next to my Pro, and all the multiplats will be played on it as they are likely to be the better versions.

You, on the other hand, will still be spitting your vile hate for all things Xbox like a sad fanboy.

steveo1234561243d ago

You fanboys make me laugh. So salty

Ju1243d ago

FIFA is also bigger on the PlayStation. Always was. It was always strange, that EA would have chosen XBox over Sony TBH. Sony is also doing a lot of CL sponsorships. I found it was always strange why EA went with MS before.

demonicale1243d ago

As soon as scorpio drops you'll be eating your words.

bouzebbal1243d ago

Smart companies bet on where the grass is more green (less green in this case).

MasterCornholio1243d ago

Soccer/Futbol is massive in Europe. I'm not surprised if they decided to go with Sony due to how big PlayStation is in Europe.

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stuna11244d ago

Maybe they know something we don't know!? What we're hearing about a new console is nothing that we haven't heard from previous console generations!Some of it's true, but alot of it's false. Not only that developers are not going to flat out talk ill about potential sources of income! They have to choose their words carefully and even sidestep situations that can negatively impact them.

We all know these console makers lie about things, but if gamers took a actual poll on which company lies have the most damaging effects as a whole? I'd say 80 to 90% of the people who were honestly being truthful would pick the same company!

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GamingCentaur1243d ago

Microsoft lost this partnership just like they did with the COD one. Probably had a 3-year contract and EA chose not to renew. Who can blame them? PS4 has like double the install base and its a worldwide brand.

butchertroll1243d ago

This is a tweet from one Xbone fan published few days ago. It was intended to Phil Spencer. But it can go with this news too. It's so funny :

Xikipeke‏ @thexikipeke
Replying to @XboxP3 @sbasave1326 @XtremeGaming22
Games? Where? Competition does not stop announcing... I'm an xbox fan but we're losing everything. Do something now please!!!!

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Relientk771245d ago

Damn, Sony has like all the partnerships

Overload1245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

The marketing for PS4 is going to be nuts this fall-holiday season. There is going to be a commercial every 2 seconds. Not to mention they will also be heavily advertising Gran Turismo. Imagine if RDR2 didn't get delayed.

Far Cry 5 and Destiny 2 start it all off in September.

ShottyatLaw1244d ago

Far Cry releases in February. Why are they advertising it in September?

Overload1244d ago

I didn't mean to write Farcry 5.

steveo1234561243d ago

So FIFA is only on Playstation now??


TheColbertinator1244d ago

Its the Italian phrasing for Bayern Munich

chrisx1245d ago

Every1 wanna be on the Sony train. Clear the path or get obliterated

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